Security Access Granted

Amanda Slater from Coventry, West Midlands, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

September 20, 2023

In last night’s dream, I am at my old place of employment. I recall the layout of the floorplans and the various wings of the building. It’s as if I have returned after being away for a long time. There are several entry points into the building. The entry we are standing in front of is not the one I generally used to use. There is a guard standing out front. He assumes I am planning on entering through this door. In my mind I don’t believe I would have clearance to pass now. I am with someone. As if he knows what I’m thinking he looks down at my wrists and says to me, “Your security wrist band is valid.” He then motions me to enter. I’m not sure if my friend who is with me has been cleared. He seems to want to go through the door we are most familiar with. I concede to his desire and signal to the guard that I will attempt entry through the side entrance.

When I woke up, I felt really good knowing I still have my special access privileges. Not sure what it gets me, but it just felt so good.

Merkaba’s Cuckoo Clock

August 3, 2023

Last night I had a very interesting dream. In the dream, I am looking for a place to eat maybe a pub to hang out, eat and maybe unwind. I pass by a restaurant and look in through the glass door. In one of the booths, I recognize two men as former coworkers. I hesitate a minute not really wanting to enter because I would feel obligated to visit with them. I pause to contemplate whether to enter and attempt to avoid them. The moment seems to take a long time as if my thought process is happening in slow motion. As my awareness returns to my hands which are waiting on my decision to open the door or turn away. I decide to turn away.

I instead find a small private room. Upon entering I realize there are two people already in there. I feel as though it didn’t really matter which door I opened I was destined to be required to interact with people. I can see the two people laying there talking. I am also greeted by the bartender who floats over to me on a plane of existence above where the two individuals are sitting. It is as if the man is a greeter. I notice everyone has the same face. I dismiss the bartender and simple tell him I’m fine. Inorder to ingnore the bartender I move my attention toward the two people I’m also trying to avoid. I’m forced to sit with them for a while to pretend I am busy now engaging with them. Again I become very much aware that everyone has the same face. The two men are in a romantic embrace or one that is very intimate. The man on the right exposes his chest. It is a milky white and very delicate. He then shows me his stomach. In his stomach is a cuckoo clock with the little levers and doors. I recognize the cuckoo clock as the one my grandmother used to have. I’ve seen this before. The man then shows me the lower half of his body. He is almost laying down. His lower body is that of a fish much like a merman. His skin color reminds me of a beluga whale.

I feel interested in what I’m experiencing but also feel off point needing to return to my focus of being by myself and unencumbered. I excuse myself indicating that this would take to long for me to entertain at the moment. I’m starting to feel the need to go pee. As turn to leave I walk out into what now looks like the back yard. The yard is filled with new soil. It smells so good. The soil is so deep I can not see over the walls of the yard. I need to find my way to the bathroom. At this point I realize I need to get up out of bed to go pee but a part of me wants to stay in bed and resist the urge. My consciousness then moves beyond the walls of the yard where it feels like I have paused the dream. All I can see is a Merkaba. I’ve never seen one before. The lines are interesting. I study them and follow the lines of the shapes. It feels like I am witnessing a shape that does not conform to the normal dimensions I’m aware of. I’m so captivated by the shape and the fact that the dream is paused and I need to pee. Eventually the need to pee was no longer something I could differ.

Otilia Mother Opal Church

Sevenopal, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

June 8, 2023

So last night I had an amazing dream. It was about 3am when I began to feel the need to pee. I resisted getting up wanting nothing else than to stay comfy in my bed. I noticed someone coming toward me except the person was in a pool of water swimming towards me. I have a sense they are targeting surfacing where I stand. I notice the person’s hair which is all I can see of their face. It reminds me of Oliver’s hair which in turn reminds me of my mother’s hair. The urge to pee is forcing me to get up. As I sit up in bed, the person alters their trajectory as my position has shifted. They are definitely targeting me. Now sitting up in bed I can see them fast approaching between my feet. I immediately stand up to avoid the collision and get out of their way.

I walk to the bathroom and do my business. Upon returning to bed, I immediately return to the dream. I am among a group of people. They feel like aliens to me. They seem to have a purpose which they are carrying out. They are manipulating the eithers. Normally I might be afraid, but I am not having it today. I refuse to be swept away by their will to carry me off somewhere. I’m determined to stand firm in my awareness of what they are doing. I have my own faculties and power to stand on my own in my own desired space of my choosing.

The eithers change as wave upon wave of energy envelopes us. I now see there is a glass wall that has been created separating me from them. They are seated on the other side in an office space that looks somewhat like an auditorium or small theater. They talk among themselves. I am still determined to hold my own space. I decide I am going to ignore this glass partition that separate me from them and demonstrate to them I am unafraid and enter their space. I simply walk through the wall. Transiting the wall, I notice there are two barriers of shimmering strands of rainbow light.

I emerge on the other side and am now able to see from their vantage point. I can now hear their conversation. They are discussing the wealth they had accumulated is somehow sufficient and they turn to observe a church on a hill in front of them. The church is absolutely beautiful and has white opal stones adorning the tower. I am given a bowl which is made of the same white opal stone. I tilt the bowl in every direction enamored by the way the light reflects in the bowl. The more I rotate and tilt the bowl the more the images are produced. I suddenly realize the images in the bowl are scenes from my mother’s life. It is an anthem commemorating my mom’s life. I then look up at the church to better understand where I am standing and what is going on. My attention is drawn to the top of the tower where the name of the church is present. The name is Otilia.

I wonder if my bother Paz is aware of the bowl and its significance. I believe this is something he may have overlooked. I stare at the bowl unable to take my eyes off it. I am mesmerized by the beautiful color and many images presented to me within the bowl.

Treasure’s Well

April 28, 2023

Last night’s dream was very vivid, and I felt its message was something I needed to hang on to. In the dream, I am near a large cenote. I can clearly see its circular shape. The eye of the cenote is deep dark and black at its core. I somehow know the treasure is buried there at the deepest point in the center. My sister Grace stands at the edge of the cenote at some distance to where I am viewing the dream. We are both aware of the existence of the treasure, but I know she being closest to it, will be reluctant to descend to its depths to retrieve it on her own. She is fearful and doubts her ability. I think she also doesn’t want to get wet and probably doesn’t know how to swim. I somehow know I hid the treasure here. Its mine to reclaim but I have to go there and retrieve it myself.

Aliens Think You’re Cute

William Cho., CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

August 16, 2022

Last night I had a very interesting dream. Oddly enough before we went to bed Oliver and I took the dog out for a pee. We always enjoy looking up at the sky and naming any planets we can see. Tonight I noticed a new planet shining in the sky. For a moment I thought it might be the International Space Station because the shape looked like a top. Unlike any planet this object was moving slowly. Its movement seemed odd in that it was moving sideways as if being blown by wind instead of a straight line. It seems to change direction slightly. Its path was that of an L shape as if the wind suddenly stopped blowing. I stood there and told my son Oliver that it might be a space ship. Its position was directly overhead. I thought they must know we are tracking it. It soon drifted out of sight.

So in this night’s dream I am on vacation. I am staying in a room at a hotel. There is a great deal of activity at the hotel. Possibly a conference of sorts. My laptop has a CD in it that someone left behind for me. It contains personal pictures. Was it an accident they left this behind or did they intend for me to see their private pictures? I am captivated by the content of the images but I don’t have time to look at them all because I need to get ready to check out of the hotel. My room door is open and apparently people have wondered into my room. Looking at who is in my room I can see some are not human. These are aliens. I immediately become lucid and aware that I am dreaming. I try to determine if I am actually dreaming or if I have been transported onto some spaceship during my sleep. Is this my chance to actually come face to face with aliens?

Both the aliens and people seem all up in my business. I’m being pawed at from all sides by everyone. I want to collect my things so nothing of mine is lost or left behind. I also need to go to the bathroom to pee. I pass by my laptop on the way to the restroom and hear a voice say, “You are so cute.” The voice is coming from the cam on the laptop. Has someone hacked my laptop and are viewing me through my camera?

Needing to pee I wake up and head to the bathroom. Once done I lay back down and immediately reenter the dream. I am amazed at the clarity with which I can see everyone. Unlike normal dreams this one seemed to be extremely real and I am fully lucid because I just came from the bathroom. Those here continue pulling on me trying to get my attention I pull away trying to resist their advances. They will not leave me alone. I need time to study my surroundings. I then decide to make some unscripted changes to throw them off. I move in one direction and then move to another direction then back. The dream seems to not have expected my movements because now I am seeing double and triple of the same thing as if multiple dreams are now playing out at the same time.

My attention latches on to one of the persons present. To know this person is to know myself better. I want to know who he is and why they are so close to me invading my private space. I reach over to him and grab him. I am making considerable conscious effort to grab him that I begin to wake up. I decide to give it one last forceful effort to reach for him and pull him toward me. In that moment I woke up and my arms were holding my son Oliver in bed. It was Oliver I was reaching for.

Shoes to Fill; 1st Chosen Family Reunion

Daughter&Father” by Blackwood XL is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

This vision I had around March of 2020 when my son was about 7 months old. I didn’t have time to journal it back then but it stuck with me. It was during a very difficult time for me and my son. My son was diagnosed failure to thrive and pretty much struggled to gain weight. He never drank more than 3 ounces of milk at a sitting so I was having to feed him every three hours during the night. His weight dropped to below 1% on the growth chart from about the time he entered daycare at 6 weeks old to the present. To this day, he is still below the bottom line on the chart but now it has simply become his normal. His poor eating was and is a source of so much anxiety for me. Thankfully I worry much less about it now than then. He was also extremely colicky as a baby and had very bad reflux and vomiting. I used to even feed him with a small syringe. Nothing I tried was worked. In March of 2020, he spent 2 weeks in the hospital where they ran all sorts of tests to figure out what was the cause of his poor eating but none of the tests revealed anything out of the ordinary. They had him on a nasal feeding tube during his stay but he showed no weight gain. They finally told me a feeding tube would not be of any help in his situation. My routine at the time was to feed him his bottle of milk every 3 hours during the night (9PM, 12AM, 3AM, 6AM). I’d set my alarm wake up, prep his bottle, change his diaper, feed him which took 30 – 45 min, burp him which took another 15 -25 minutes. I would pray he wouldn’t throw up and I dared not put him to bed too soon or I’d potentially be cleaning up vomit from the bedsheets. During this time I’d get about an hour and a half of sleep at best if I was lucky between feedings. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. This was also around the time Covid hit so I was afraid to call on anyone for help. I was seriously doubting my ability as a parent to do this by myself.

On one of these very difficult nights, I seriously contemplated surrendering him at the fire department. I simply could not do it any longer. 8 months of this round the clock routine was more than I could bear. I was forever calling my sister crying telling her I simply couldn’t do it. She would do her best to encourage me. Once I called my niece Daisy complaining and she told me there are no take backs. Her words stuck to me like super glue. She said, I needed to continue forward at all costs. She did assure me it would get better in time. With the Covid scare, I couldn’t really ask for help as everyone was sheltering for their own safety. I also didn’t want to admit defeat. There was also the fact that when Oliver was 6 weeks old on his very first day at daycare I had a knock at the door. I had dropped him off at 8am and by 10am that same day there was this knock on my front door. The woman identified herself as a social worker with Child Protection Services. She said she was investigating an urgent call that someone had seen me at a street gathering and noticed my newborn child was underfed. They believed I was withholding formula from the child. I felt violated. How would anyone assume that without even examining him or asking me about it. The street gathering was our annual street Halloween gathering where we close the block we live on to traffic and the neighbors bring food and music and we all socialize. We even build a wonderful bonfire and roast marshmallows at night. My sister was visiting me during this event and she walked around carrying little Oliver and visiting with neighbor. At 6 weeks he was not yet showing any signs of failure to thrive. It wasn’t until after starting daycare that he was constantly bringing home colds and viruses that his weight dropped. That situation eventually resolved itself with them speaking to my pediatrician and the daycare personnel but it left me unable to trust anyone. Child Protection Services would not disclose who reported me but they said once a report is made they are obligated to investigate. They went through my house looking for any sign of neglect. They made me show them all the breast milk I had in the freezer, his formula in the cupboards, his cloths, and where he slept. It was completely humiliating. That said, It left me more alone than ever.

Going back to the night of the vision, with all this on my chest I held him in my arms crying feeling completely defeated and abandoned. I sat there rocking him back and forth and drifted off into a dream vision where I could see our space where we sat in the basement. The vision was what you might call a false awakening where everything was as it is in real life. I then noticed a woman in a picture frame across from me motion for me to come toward her. Thinking this might be someone who has come to help me I sat up a bit and tried to focus my sight beyond where she stood to see what she was drawing my attention to. In the distance I could see a man with a very large and heavy duffle bag over his shoulder. He had his back toward me and was walking away from me. His walk seemed to pull me with him. I quickly realized I was the man in the distance. I could sense his fatigue and the great pressure he was under.

In my sleep I was still rocking Oliver back and forth. As I rocked to and fro, in one direction and then the other my surrounding would change slightly. I perceived in front of me the path I walk and the choices I take. With every rock the path before me revealed the outcome of those choices. In my peripheral vision, I could see the steps coming down to the basement where we sat. On those steps would appear the shoes of the people who would walk upon them. If I moved right or left the position and number of shoes would change. I wondered who’s shoes these were. I could tell by the size that some of the shoes were those of children but there were multiple pairs of child shoes so who in addition to Oliver could these shoes belong to? There were also multiple pairs of adult shoes. Each pair of shoes uniquely identified one person. Even if one of the adult pair of shoes were those of a future partner of mine there were simply too many shoes. I also knew my shoes would not appear there since I stood in my shoes.

I also knew there is no way I could have another child given the difficulties I was having raising Oliver so there had to be another explanation. I had 9 remaining embryos after Oliver. Originally, I would have loved to have a second baby so that Oliver would not be alone after I’m gone. I thought maybe I needed to look further into my peripheral vision for clues about the shoes. I strained to look beyond the steps and into the closet where I could see the cloths that hung in the closet. I could see cloths hanging in the closet but nothing I saw clarified the shoes. I looked carefully and noticed a few items hanging in the closet that did not seem to belong to me or Oliver. Why would I not know our own cloths? I expected I should know all the cloths in my closet but there were a few new ones that did not seem to belong to me.

Not gaining much insight with the closet, I then looked to the hallway and the curtain which hung on the wall. In the design of the curtain I could see the children playing and the adults gathering at feasts. I could also see in the heavens reflected in the top of the curtain and those who watch over us.

Seeing the children play and the family gatherings, I knew I could not give up on Oliver. My niece’s word rang repeatedly in my head. I don’t think I could have ever given up on Oliver but it definitely crossed my mind as an option. It was then also that I knew I needed to pursue putting the remaining embryos up for adoption. These little snowflake babies were meant to come into the world and I needed to facilitate that process. I knew the Universe would send the perfect parents to adopt these snowflakes. I knew those snowflakes would visit someday and it would be their shoes and their parents shoes who would visit me. I knew we would all be family.


This dream became reality with our 1st Chosen Family Reunion on July 29th, 2022. Donating these embryos I had no idea what to expect. How soon would I see the children? How often would I see them? Would it only be in photographs? Would I need to wait until they were old enough to make their own decisions to be visit with Oliver and I? Would anyone even want my remaining embryos given my age and HIV status? What I did have was unwavering faith in my dreams. They have always guided me down my path. They have never guaranteed an easy road but they have never let me down.

I was shocked and I mean shocked when Jennifer offered one day to come visit us for a few days. I was also shocked when Miako offered to visit us on the anniversary of our initial visit, the day we first met in person. Given Jennifer, Kal and Simone were coming to visit I of course extended an opportunity for Miako, Kai and Linden to visit with us during that time. In the course of conversation about the visit, Miako mentioned that she would need to put Linden down for a nap but that she wanted to reengage with us to maximize the visit. That’s when I thought why not invite Miako to stay here at the house for the 3 days during Jennifer’s visit. I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. To my total and utter shock Miako said it was an awesome idea. I knew in that moment this dream which I have held close to my heart would be fulfilled and I needed to honor the dream by having them all walk down the steps to the basement and sharing the dream with them. I am a man with many stories and many dreams and when they intersect with life wonderful and amazing things happen.

I can’t say I understand every detail of my dreams many pieces remain mysteries that unfold in time. I am always left with a general sense of knowing that I am following the right path by aligning my life to my dreams. With this one I knew I would find the strength to make it through on that difficult night. For example the cloths in the closet I can’t say I understood that. But coincidentally after sharing all this with everyone, Jennifer gave Oliver and Linden each a pajama. I took the pajama which was on a hanger said thanks and proceeded to bring it downstairs to hang it in the closet. When the hanger touched the closet rod the sound of the hanger hitting the rod rang like chimes in heaven. There I was looking at the item of clothing in my dream that I was unfamiliar with. It was very much a deja-vu. I knew in that moment that I got this one right. I am on the right path and our lives are as they were meant to be.

Later after I had returned from dropping Jennifer and Kal off at the airport. Miako and Kai were still here at the house. We had breakfast together and before they left I thought about giving them some of Oliver’s old shoes, hand-me-downs for Linden to wear. I thought about the shoes on the stairs and I thought about the shoes that were in the entrance of my house where everyone had taken off their shoes to come inside. Removing your shoes is not a practice I do normally. It seemed to be another wink and nod from the Universe.

The Story is in the Subtext

July 27, 2019

In last night’s dream, I find myself reading a page of text. I notice when viewing the text at a certain angle the words seem to have an added dimension and beneath the text is a string of subtext. I share my finding with others around me but they don’t seem to believe what I am saying. They tell me to go work with the text more. I then try to repeat the reading of the text to see if I can recreate what I saw before. This time as the text reveals the added dimensions I realize now in my surroundings appear the people whose story lines are being described by the text. I begin talking with these individuals and they unlike the others do recognize what I am sharing with them. We seem to be part of the same mission and objective as they understand the subtext.

The Number of the Universe is 4: In Case You Need Me, Speed Dial 4 on Your Cell Phone



I am at a county fair where we are guests at a hotel. One of the rooms in the hotel has dining tables that are laid out with orange and red tablecloths. Each table has a center piece that is garnished with pieces of dried fruit. Adjacent to this room is an outdoor white cloth tent where they store fruit that they have grown organically. Each type of fruit is stored in its own personal wooden crate. It reminds me of something you might see displayed at Pottery Barn, except that at Pottery Barn they might be selling fruit scented candles individually packed in their own little crates. By force of habit, I take the bug spray and spray the fruit. I am told that I do not need to do that because the fruit grown here does not have bugs. I am thinking I might have spoiled their organic crop. I realize my mistake and quickly discard the bug spray. Far away in an adjacent tent, I can see that there is a black lioness who is giving birth to her cub. I felt a tap on my shoulder which caused me to awaken suddenly.

As I opened my eyes, beside me was the figure of an old bearded man who sat in a lotus position on my bed. I instantly recognized the man to be Sri Yukteswar, who was the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, who in turn was the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship. I was a student of SRF many years ago when I first ventured away from my Christian upbringing. I had studied with them for about two years but never went through with their Kriya Yoga initiation. It was through the lessons of SRF and their many references back to the Bible and other scriptures that gave me a renewed and fresh appreciation for scripture. They helped me recognize God as one and the same across all religions. Sri Yukteswar began talking to me about the universe and how the number of the universe was 4. I could clearly see his lips moving but I heard no sound. I laid there puzzled, wondering why of all people Sri Yukteswar. I could understand finding Paramahansa on my bed but not Sri Yukteswar. I knew very little about him other than that he was Paramahansa’s Guru. He kept talking and talking and making facial expressions. I kept trying to tell him in my mind that I could not hear him. “I can’t hear you; I can only see your lips move.” He would respond, “Yes you can.” I would tell him again, “No, I’m sorry but I can’t hear you; I can only see your lips moving.” He would patiently reply yet again, “Yes, you can hear me.” Looking back in hindsight, I realize that even though I did not hear anything audibly with my ears, I did apparently receive his message telepathically, otherwise how would I have known what his responses were and his message to me about the properties of the universe. I did not know how that bit of information would help me until much later when it became apparent that much meaning is hidden in astrology and numerology. He finally faded and I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

A couple hours later, I awoke suddenly to again find him standing beside my bed asking me for the time. I looked at my wrist watch but since I was not wearing my glasses, I could not read the time on my watch. Instead, I held out my arm and tapped my index finger on the face of my watch, indicating for him to look at it for himself. He apparently did not want to make the effort himself to look at it but instead wanted me to tell him the time. Knowing he was not going to leave me alone until I told him the time, I sat up in bed to look over at my alarm clock, which sat on the nightstand on the other side of my bed. The digital clock read 5:45am. “It’s 5:45am.”

This was the morning for sudden awakenings because for a third time I would be roused yet again and with magic and grace given a code by which I would confirm the existence of my guardian angel. I had been in a dream where I was with a group of friends. One of my friends named Jennifer had taken a special interest in me. (In real life, I do not have a friend named Jennifer) She gave me a cell phone that had her phone number preprogrammed in it so that I could call upon her any time I needed her for any reason. She then showed me how, by simply pushing a single button, it would autodial and connect me with her. As I was standing there with her, she pushed the button to test the phone. In that same moment in real life, I awoke suddenly. Without even thinking, I reached over to grab my voice recorder to record the details of the dream I had just had regarding the preprogrammed cell phone. As I got to the part where I recorded, “….and she tested it by pushing the button like this,” my real phone on my nightstand rang. The sound of the phone ringing was captured on my voice recorder. I did not answer it because it was too early in the morning so I assumed it had to be a wrong number. I also did not correlate the testing of the preprogrammed cell phone with the synchronicity of my real phone ringing at precisely the same time. It was not until later that day when I went to journal my dream into my computer that I replayed my voice recording and heard the phone ringing in the background. Then the synchronicity behind it all hit me.

Mysteriously, ever since then whenever I have dreamt about my guardian angel and have gone to journal the dream, the message indicator on my cell phone would beep to let me know that I have a message. It would beep at precisely the right time and not as a result of having been moved such that it had come into cell range. I did not know if my cell phone was faulty, but it could go the entire day and not beep at all to let me know that I have a message. It always beeped at precisely the right time to let me know my guardian angel was with me. We are the fruit of the vine. We are spirit having a human experience. That experience can never adversely affect our spirit no matter what it is that we experience. We are bug-proof. Our fruit may dry and be boxed away but our mother, the lioness, is continually giving birth to its cubs.

Since that dream, I have learned from one of my spirit guides that Jennifer, whose name is actually Guinevere (which means “white fay” or “white ghost”), is in fact my guardian angel. I have one spirit guide named Felicity who is around me all the time. She reminds me of my older sister. She has shoulder length straight hair and short bangs down to her eyebrows. Her hair curls forward as it comes to rest upon her shoulders. She has a signature trait of closing her eyes and softly shaking her head from side to side like in the shampoo commercials. In the etheric world, her hair moves with great body and bounce as if in slow motion. Every time I see her, she does her signature move as it has a way of pacifying me. As I am sure you might be wondering, I would like to share here how I came to know their names. For a long time, I did not know. I just recognized my spirit guides as nameless, simply having seen them before. It happened one day in a guided meditation that was ironically titled, “Channeling Your Spirit Guides.” While focused inward on my third eye in that meditation, I had a vision where my spirit guide came and did the little thing she always does with her hair. I had my headphones on, listening to the guided meditation, and on the recording as if on queue it said, “If you should see any of your spirit guides simply ask them their name.” So I did. To my surprise, I heard a voice say, “My name is Felicity.” Shocked, yet knowing I had to take advantage of this moment, I asked her to please also tell me the name of my guardian angel, to which I heard the voice say, “Don’t you remember? Her name is Jennifer and she is the one that calls you on the phone.” I had not equated Jennifer with an angel. In the dream she appeared simply as a person and not as an angel. Recalling the memory of Jennifer from the dream and the times when my guardian angel had appeared, it suddenly rang true. I had a moment of clarity and I remembered all the places I had seen her in visions and dreams and I knew Felicity was telling the truth. She was the same person. Angels do not always appear in visions or dreams in their winged form. They come to teach a lesson and will appear in whatever form necessary to carry the intended message. One must look to the soul of the person or spirit to know who is there.

Deed of Trust

November 14, 2021

This dream needs a bit of background context to understand some of it’s meaning. I have a son which i had through surrogacy in real life. I ended up with unused embryos after having him. I’ve since donated to two separate families. The two mammas just so happened to cycle at the exact same time so it just so happened their embryos were implanted 30 minutes apart at the same fertility clinic on the same day. One of the two embryos came to visit with me in the dream last night. It is the family from Maryland which is here local to where I live. I feel their presence yet they were not actually in the dream. Instead the dream placed the child in the care of a local family I knew in DC some years back.

While visiting with the family and the child, I quickly recognize I am in a dream because I have not seen this family in a very very long time. I am thrilled to see and commune with my biological child for the first time. I stay as long as possible probably too long because I am now having trouble distinguishing this reality from what I remember of my waking state. I struggle without success to wake up. The dream is continuing for a long time. I am worried my dog will not have anyone to take him out to pee.

Their apartment number is 400 and is located in a very large complex with elevators. Since the dream doesn’t seem to want to end I don’t want to over stay my visit so I get ready to leave. I must have stayed all night because they too are getting ready to start their work day and go about their business. I continue to try to awaken from the dream but am unable to do so.

I decide to leave their apartment unit and head down the elevator. While in the elevator, I realize I mistakenly picked up the wrong wallet. Looking inside the wallet I can tell the identification card is not a DC license instead it is black and white. This can’t possibly be my license and I do not want to be seen as a pick pocket. I need to return to the unit to recover my wallet. A security guard is nearby and offers to walk back with me. I am doubtful I alone can find my way back to apartment #400. While walking she is called to an emergency and is now unable to escort me the remainder of the distance.

Now on my own. I turn corners not knowing where I am going wishing I could simply wake up. I wonder if my earthly life has ended as this reality seems just as real to me. I turn one corner down a hallway where the child stands at the end of the corridor in the distance. The child is now a youth in its teen years. I am told it is time for First Communion (an apparent reference to Christianity).

I am awestruck seeing the child in its youth wearing a white flowing robe with subtle specks of rainbow 🌈 colors. I feel this is an affirmation of the love for gay culture I’ve passed down to the child. The child seems to know my search for my identity and hands me a certificate. It is a Deed of Trust. I look carefully at the red seal affixed to the certificate. I’m instructed to open it which I do breaking the seal to expose the signatures. I am somewhat shocked with the authenticity of the document. The shock wakes me up. I gasp for air as my awareness places me in my bedroom with Oliver by my side.

No I don’t have a dog but I do have a diaper to change.

Heard My Name on Cyclops Beach

July 1, 2021

Last night’s dream came in the middle of the night. It was 2 am when I woke up to take Oliver to the potty. I had fallen asleep with Oliver when I put him to bed at 9 pm. I usually wake up once during the night to take him to the bathroom. After I put him back to bed, I was having a hard time falling back to sleep. At some point, I started dreaming again but I still felt like I was having trouble falling asleep. I was far from a deep relaxed state. With the dream starting it created a fully lucid state. The dream imagery was incredible.

I am filled with incredible power to do just about anything. I feel like I have the power to move mountains. I can command the dream to do anything go in any direction create spectacular light shows, ANYTHING! There are others materializing in the dream. They begin witnessing my power to command the dream.

With the people materializing and knowing I am in a fully lucid state, I decide to look closely at their faces. Faces are very elusive in dreams if I am able to remember them at all. Given my lucid state, I decide to inconspicuously examine them to see if I can experience something new. The people around me are strong and powerful. I discover all of them to be wearing veils covering their faces. I can clearly see the material the veils are made of but not their faces. The veils are an an iridescent blue color. There is one dark skinned woman who is wearing her hair in a bun. She is the only one not hiding her face. Her face is different from any face I have ever seen. I study the difference and determine the difference to be that fact that she only has one large eye in the middle of her head. She too is very powerful. I wonder to myself if she unlike the others possibly forgot to veil her face.

I continually check to see if I am still in command of the dream. I also now struggle to stay aware of my lucid state. We move with great speed. I come upon a beach. I recognize it as a place where many come to lay and stretch on the warm sands to renew themselves. I notice something very unusual. There are no footsteps on the beach. The sands are like those along the beach where the tide’s ebb and flow smooths the sand it leaves behind.

Along the beach dune is a message someone left in the sand. It is a message for me. I have so much which I have committed to memory to try to bring back I feel I can’t possibly take back the entire message written in the sand. In the message is the image of a heart. In that moment, I hear someone call my name. I startle in surprise. Who here knows my name.

I am embolden. I feel I know this beach and path well. I command the dream to take me where I know to go. We fly over communication lines and I see people stretching on the beach. I know how exactly how to navigate this stretch of beach.

I then find myself in a place above all overlooking the beach. It is a house with huge floor to ceiling windows. The windows are not enough to shield my ecstasy and sexual energy. I hear myself climax. I hear others respond to my cries of ecstasy. I am unaware anyone could hear me.