Merkaba’s Cuckoo Clock

August 3, 2023

Last night I had a very interesting dream. In the dream, I am looking for a place to eat maybe a pub to hang out, eat and maybe unwind. I pass by a restaurant and look in through the glass door. In one of the booths, I recognize two men as former coworkers. I hesitate a minute not really wanting to enter because I would feel obligated to visit with them. I pause to contemplate whether to enter and attempt to avoid them. The moment seems to take a long time as if my thought process is happening in slow motion. As my awareness returns to my hands which are waiting on my decision to open the door or turn away. I decide to turn away.

I instead find a small private room. Upon entering I realize there are two people already in there. I feel as though it didn’t really matter which door I opened I was destined to be required to interact with people. I can see the two people laying there talking. I am also greeted by the bartender who floats over to me on a plane of existence above where the two individuals are sitting. It is as if the man is a greeter. I notice everyone has the same face. I dismiss the bartender and simple tell him I’m fine. Inorder to ingnore the bartender I move my attention toward the two people I’m also trying to avoid. I’m forced to sit with them for a while to pretend I am busy now engaging with them. Again I become very much aware that everyone has the same face. The two men are in a romantic embrace or one that is very intimate. The man on the right exposes his chest. It is a milky white and very delicate. He then shows me his stomach. In his stomach is a cuckoo clock with the little levers and doors. I recognize the cuckoo clock as the one my grandmother used to have. I’ve seen this before. The man then shows me the lower half of his body. He is almost laying down. His lower body is that of a fish much like a merman. His skin color reminds me of a beluga whale.

I feel interested in what I’m experiencing but also feel off point needing to return to my focus of being by myself and unencumbered. I excuse myself indicating that this would take to long for me to entertain at the moment. I’m starting to feel the need to go pee. As turn to leave I walk out into what now looks like the back yard. The yard is filled with new soil. It smells so good. The soil is so deep I can not see over the walls of the yard. I need to find my way to the bathroom. At this point I realize I need to get up out of bed to go pee but a part of me wants to stay in bed and resist the urge. My consciousness then moves beyond the walls of the yard where it feels like I have paused the dream. All I can see is a Merkaba. I’ve never seen one before. The lines are interesting. I study them and follow the lines of the shapes. It feels like I am witnessing a shape that does not conform to the normal dimensions I’m aware of. I’m so captivated by the shape and the fact that the dream is paused and I need to pee. Eventually the need to pee was no longer something I could differ.