The Family Tree; Flesh for Fantasy

November 12, 2023

In last night’s dream, I find myself in a very big house with about 4 stories. I am planning a family reunion. I’m giving instructions over an intercom system so I know everyone can hear me they just don’t know where exactly I am voicing the instructions from. I am summoning them all together and instructing them to meet me in the front room of the house. I tell them it is going to be a magical event. For them to play along, they need to provide three basic pieces of information. 1. Who your grandparents are. 2. Who your parents are. and 3. Who your siblings are. With this information they should then choose the front room to arrive at. In my mind, I can see the game board with the Family Tree. I tell them once you designate these people, you will discover who you are and where you fit in the Family Tree. It occurs to me that they have 1 of 4 choices because there are 4 stories and 4 front rooms in the house, one on each floor. How do I know they will all choose the same room? All I know is I don’t need to choose or move from where I am because I am very confident everyone will choose the same room. I believe in the process and mystery. I think it is because of the way the DNA is structured that everyone is destined to choose the right room. Sure enough, everyone begins arriving as predicted.

Wanting to prepare the house a bit more for all the invited family guests I decide to clean out the refrigerator to get rid of things that were there from before to make room for new stuff. There is some ice cream and tiny Oreo cookies. I begin eating the ice cream and offer some of the Oreo cookies to Oliver. I then notice the dishwasher has been modified. I’m trying to figure out why they felt the need to modify the dishwasher. Why did they have to change it. There is a dishwasher part that has been removed. I save the item since I don’t understand its’ use, I just know it belongs to the dishwasher.

I am then drawn to a potential concern in the house. I am perceiving what might be a threat. There is a daycare facility in the house that watches my children. I decide to pick them up and take them with me. The two children are so cute and are the same size. They remind me of Simone and Linden. I’m walking through the house trying to avoid the place where I perceive the threat but instead of avoiding it, I walk right smack into them. It turns out the people I was avoiding and perceived as a threat were old family members from generations back, WAY back. One of them I feel is my friend Quetta who died from AIDS when I was young. I am so surprised and shocked to see him although i can’t see his face clearly, I feel it is him. What is he doing here? I would never have expected to see him here. The Dream ends abruptly, and I wake up.

~~~~~ Dream ends there.

Interestingly, when I was recoding the dream on my voice memos app on my iphone I came to the end of the dream and was musing over the person I felt was Quetta. It was a strong feeling, but I wasn’t 100% sure. The dream ended so abruptly. It didn’t give me any time to spend with him to better know the moment better. When I finished recording the dream and put my phone down, I must have hit something accidentally on my phone and it kicked open my music app with the song, “FLESH FOR FANTASY” by Billy Idol. I’ve not heard this song in ages. This song was Quetta’s absolute favorite song. We used to sit in the park after school and crank up the volume on this song on his car stereo.

Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy

A picture of me and my best friend Quetta (Elmer) and my phone when I finished recording the dream. Some things are a bit more than coincidence and there was more this day had to demonstrate of its magic, but I’ll journal that later.