As Your Needs Expand

September 30, 2023

In last night’s dream, I am presented with a new mobile device. It has thick edges to frame the viewing screen much like the original IPad 2 I had given my mother years back except this one is rather thin and made to fit in the palm of your hand which I estimate to be around the width of a typical TV remote control. I observe its new functionality and am struck by the fact that it is able to display any page request. It seems to scale automatically by visually tricking the eyes. I’m told the secret is done by not having the lines perfectly line up like the lines on graph paper. I study the display of the device and watch the lines dynamically grow expanding the screen size to accommodate my needs. No matter what I summon up for it to present it builds the graph paper on which to display it. I stress it by giving it complex requests and yet ever time it delivers. I am wondering if this feature is included in the new model I recently ordered. I also wonder if it will stand up to the test of time.

It’s Time; Yo se Ma.

September 21, 2023

In this dream I see my mom from across a divide.  She is younger.  I suddenly become aware of the conversation hearing my words respond, “Yo se ma.”  My response was to a sense of an urging by my mom that, “Its time”.  As I became lucid, I immediately capture the moment with the sense of urgency and did something completely unexpected.  I wave Hello to my mom with my physical hand.  She immediately acknowledges the wave by waving back.  I am completely shocked… my dream mom should not have been able to see my physical hand wave in the dream given she is in my head but my mom in the dream responded by instantly waving back and adding a smile that only my mom could give.  WOW.

I later had a second dream where I am with my son Oliver and my sister Grace.  We are going to the airport.  I am struggling to get off the bus which has stopped to drop us off at the airport.  My bed sheets seem to get caught in the door.  Oliver and Grace have already gotten off the bus.  With the delay, I’m now worried we will miss the flight or that the door will close, and I will lose Oliver sight of Oliver.   I finally manage to dislodge myself from my bed sheets and walk up to the front door of the bus.  As I disembark from the bus, the driver hands me a wallet saying, “This is yours.”  I open it not really recognizing it as mine.  I clearly see the identification card.  I return it to her saying sorry this is not mine.  A part of me wonders if there was anything in the wallet worth keeping.  I also know anything in there belongs to the one identified on the ID card. 

Interestingly, I’ve been seeing Angel numbers appearing everywhere and I mean everywhere every day. Every time I look at the clock its 11:11 or 3:33 or any repeating series of numbers. Not sure what is on the horizon or what God is trying to get my attention on, but they’ve recruited my mom to deliver the message. The first thing that came to mind in the morning is putting more effort into placing the last two embryos I’m holding on to. Those little ID cards are not mine and they need a home.

Security Access Granted

Amanda Slater from Coventry, West Midlands, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

September 20, 2023

In last night’s dream, I am at my old place of employment. I recall the layout of the floorplans and the various wings of the building. It’s as if I have returned after being away for a long time. There are several entry points into the building. The entry we are standing in front of is not the one I generally used to use. There is a guard standing out front. He assumes I am planning on entering through this door. In my mind I don’t believe I would have clearance to pass now. I am with someone. As if he knows what I’m thinking he looks down at my wrists and says to me, “Your security wrist band is valid.” He then motions me to enter. I’m not sure if my friend who is with me has been cleared. He seems to want to go through the door we are most familiar with. I concede to his desire and signal to the guard that I will attempt entry through the side entrance.

When I woke up, I felt really good knowing I still have my special access privileges. Not sure what it gets me, but it just felt so good.