The Book: Ecstasy of Life

November 18, 2023

This dream seems to be a continuation of the dream I had the previous night which I haven’t journaled yet. I find myself in the kitchen in my house, and I put a pan on the stove to boil water. I walk away from the boiling water because I have a pressing need to write my book. I am developing the stories in the book. I walk upstairs to find a quiet place to sit and write.

I return sometime later. It feels like a great amount of time has passed. I am again in the kitchen and the pot of water is completely dried out. I am upset, concerned they could have burned the house down by neglecting the pot of water. It then occurs to me that I was the one who left the pan to burn on the stove, but I am in the middle of emphasizing a critical lesson on protecting the home.

It appears all the guests in my house already know about the book even before I’ve completed it. They are talking about the scenes in the book that are possibly explicit and push the boundaries of an R rated book. I feel they are taking things out of context and reading between the lines and weaving in their own interpretations of the book.

I am then given handed leather-bound book. By giving me this book, they are showing me what they know about my writing. This is apparently the completed book. I open the book thinking someone stole my story because I have yet to finish it. I open the book and begin reading. The book is written in Spanish. It is factual the details are correct but told out of sequence. I become semi lucid at this point realizing something very unusual is happening. How is it I am able to read and understand the story written in the book if I’m dreaming. Normally I am unable to make sense of written words in dreams. I can see it is clearly in Spanish. The binding, images and detail in the book is absolutely beautiful. It starts off by reciting a contract between myself and my best friend to do what is described in the pages of the book. Knowing the dream can end at any moment I read as quickly as possible. I am captivated by some symbols in the first few pages. At that moment, I hear my son Oliver ask me if I’m awake. I open my eyes to see him looking at me smiling. Yes, Oliver I am awake. I wasn’t able to finish the reading the story, so I’ll just have to live it.