Spire Flutter

July 27, 2020

I had this dream the other night and didn’t have time to journal it. It was probably two nights past. It left a very strong impression on me so I wanted to get it down. In the dream I am in a castle presumably a place where I either live or have spent a great part of my life in. The castle is so vast I am vaguely familiar with it. It seems to have many areas I am unfamiliar with. I am being escorted to the castle spire. It is the highest point in the castle. I can see the wood framing that holds up the exterior. It ascends to a point beyond which there is no going further. I want to say I have been there but I am afraid it may not support my weight at the very top. I am also afraid I may not be able to get back.

I continue reluctantly to the point where I would need to crouch down to go any further. I decide not to crouch but instead bend forward to peak as far as I can. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I have seen it I quickly turn back.

I am now able to see my dog Butters who is in a different form. He is all black like a dragon undergoing some form of metamorphosis. He seems to be shedding his dark side. I want to help him and not leave him to do this on his own but I have to come up with a plan. I know it to be a challenging process one that requires supernatural skills of the spirit world. I believe I have the power to overcome his dark side. I can call upon some help.

I send out an encrypted telepathic message who could help and support us. The message is received and many answer the call. Butters is on a train destined to a location. I enter the train from doors on the opposite side of the platform. The train immediately stops. No one suspects it to be a plan since the door i opened is on the wrong side of the train. My plan is to lock the doors causing there to be a train delay to it’s final destination. This delay will allow us time to work out the plan.

Eventually the opposing force will catch up but I believe it will give us sufficient time to progress in our plan.

I can see the examiners approaching with authority I now we have very little time left. I wonder if those who heard the call have had enough time to fulfill the plan. In this moment from the door I held open emerges a white dragon with wings so large it can barely fit through the open door. I pokes its head through the door with such force and courage the examiners are halted not expecting such a thing. They are pushed back to regroup and come up with their own new plan. This delay gives Butters the time he needs to fully transform and shed his dark side. I see him laying there unable to stand. The darkness is shed in a dark smoke is release a billion dragonflies so many I can hear the sound of their wings brushing up against each other.

Its now apparent the reason he was dark is because so many dragonflies were pack in so tightly no light was allowed to pass through. In releasing the dragonflies colors begin emanating from their little bodies. Rainbow hues pulsate through the flutter of dragonflies.

Do I Know You?

A few minutes before I woke up this morning I had a dream where I am in an Uber getting ready to pay the Uber driver his tip. The Uber app prompts me for the desired tip offering me three options. The option boxes to select the predefined amount are so small my finger tip taps the $5 dollar option instead of the $1 dollar. The driver smiles gleefully believing I want to give him a $5 dollar tip.

I get out of the car and attempt to adjust the tip selection but instead of selecting $1 dollar I inadvertently tap on the $15 dollar amount. I think to myself it’s probably best to leave well enough alone because the tip was more than the cost of the ride.

I notice we pulled to the side of the road directly behind another car. As I walk toward the sidewalk I see a gentleman in the back seat of the car. He looks at me and I look at him. Our eyes lock. Who is this man? My curiosity to know him makes me pause waiting for him to exit the car.

The man steps out and stands in front of me. I assume he is a complete stranger yet I am drawn to him as if he is someone from my past. Unable to restrain myself. I embrace him with a big hug and ask him, “Do I know you?” I can see his face clearly. Who he is evades me. He does not respond to my question but instead returns the hug with a firm and lasting embrace. I feel his body pressed against mine through the thickness of our coats. It is a feeling so full of reward and satisfaction of desire fulfilled. I hold the embrace for as long as possible. In the distance I hear my alarm clock.

Purposefully Hinged

July 12, 2020

Today I had a dream where I recover something from my past. It is something with great significance. It is a wooden display board which has mounted on it an assortment of antique hinges and latches. They feel like heirlooms. Each one with a story belonging to a door, chest or drawer from my past. There is one in particular which draws my focus. It needs attention. It is about to lose the screw nut for the pin. Seeing it I quickly fasten it in place leaving it snug to its fitting. I have an overwhelming sense things are back to normal and secure.

Now at ease I take a moment to look over the many hinges to remember their story. I am amazed with the detail some carry. These were no ordinary hinges.

Nuns From The Window

Armand Gautier – Three Nuns in the Portal of a Church

July 11, 2020

This dream I had a few days ago on about July 8th, 2020. I was so taken back by its realness I just knew I had to journal it. I awaken to the sound of people outside my bedroom window. I realize I am having a false awakening. Curious to know who is at the window I approach rolling over in bed to lean my head out to peer through the window. Two arms reach in to grab me like you would a baby from bed. I am pulled into their world. I am completely taken back as their action and influence on my dream is totally unexpected.

Now on the other side of the window, I can see who is responsible for the sound. The clarity in the room is more real than any waking experience. The lighting is dim but not so dim I can’t see. There is a candle burning in the room which shines just enough light for me to see three nuns in white and black habits. I exclaim to myself, “This is unbelievably real!”

The nuns seem to be attending to my well being. They cloth, dress and brush my hair to prepare me for my return. When ready they return me through the window.


I then found myself back in my bed awake thinking this is too incredible. It couldn’t have been just a dream. There is someone a group of people watching over me. This had too much intention to be simply a dream.

Now today, I had a dream with a similar theme. I am in my car looking for parking and just something to do. I find a parking space and notice we are near the Udvar Hazy Museum. I can see the various space shuttles on display one in particular is blue. They are on display on a mountain side near the base of the parking lot.

Still seated in my car I am trying to figure out if it is legal to park here. I notice a man approach my car window. I open the window and ask if it is ok to park here as we would like to visit the museum. The man who happens to be a priest replies, “Oh you must be from DC.” He then suggests I park a bit closer so that I have less to walk on foot. Looking toward the back of the car he draws my attention to my parents who are seated in the rear seat. Knowing they are elderly I agree to his recommendation and move the car closer. Upon getting out of the car I pull Oliver out of the infant seat from the back of the car. Upon holding him in my arms I am overwhelmed with love toward my son. I am so utterly grateful to have him I feel I need to thank the priest for what I have been given. He responds as if knowing my sentiment without a word from my lips and says. “I’m headed to Union Station, maybe you can give me a ride home?”

Feeling it is an odd request I hesitate for a moment but figure I do live in DC so Union Station would be a favor I could easily fulfill on my return.