Heard My Name on Cyclops Beach

July 1, 2021

Last night’s dream came in the middle of the night. It was 2 am when I woke up to take Oliver to the potty. I had fallen asleep with Oliver when I put him to bed at 9 pm. I usually wake up once during the night to take him to the bathroom. After I put him back to bed, I was having a hard time falling back to sleep. At some point, I started dreaming again but I still felt like I was having trouble falling asleep. I was far from a deep relaxed state. With the dream starting it created a fully lucid state. The dream imagery was incredible.

I am filled with incredible power to do just about anything. I feel like I have the power to move mountains. I can command the dream to do anything go in any direction create spectacular light shows, ANYTHING! There are others materializing in the dream. They begin witnessing my power to command the dream.

With the people materializing and knowing I am in a fully lucid state, I decide to look closely at their faces. Faces are very elusive in dreams if I am able to remember them at all. Given my lucid state, I decide to inconspicuously examine them to see if I can experience something new. The people around me are strong and powerful. I discover all of them to be wearing veils covering their faces. I can clearly see the material the veils are made of but not their faces. The veils are an an iridescent blue color. There is one dark skinned woman who is wearing her hair in a bun. She is the only one not hiding her face. Her face is different from any face I have ever seen. I study the difference and determine the difference to be that fact that she only has one large eye in the middle of her head. She too is very powerful. I wonder to myself if she unlike the others possibly forgot to veil her face.

I continually check to see if I am still in command of the dream. I also now struggle to stay aware of my lucid state. We move with great speed. I come upon a beach. I recognize it as a place where many come to lay and stretch on the warm sands to renew themselves. I notice something very unusual. There are no footsteps on the beach. The sands are like those along the beach where the tide’s ebb and flow smooths the sand it leaves behind.

Along the beach dune is a message someone left in the sand. It is a message for me. I have so much which I have committed to memory to try to bring back I feel I can’t possibly take back the entire message written in the sand. In the message is the image of a heart. In that moment, I hear someone call my name. I startle in surprise. Who here knows my name.

I am embolden. I feel I know this beach and path well. I command the dream to take me where I know to go. We fly over communication lines and I see people stretching on the beach. I know how exactly how to navigate this stretch of beach.

I then find myself in a place above all overlooking the beach. It is a house with huge floor to ceiling windows. The windows are not enough to shield my ecstasy and sexual energy. I hear myself climax. I hear others respond to my cries of ecstasy. I am unaware anyone could hear me.