Otilia Mother Opal Church

Sevenopal, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

June 8, 2023

So last night I had an amazing dream. It was about 3am when I began to feel the need to pee. I resisted getting up wanting nothing else than to stay comfy in my bed. I noticed someone coming toward me except the person was in a pool of water swimming towards me. I have a sense they are targeting surfacing where I stand. I notice the person’s hair which is all I can see of their face. It reminds me of Oliver’s hair which in turn reminds me of my mother’s hair. The urge to pee is forcing me to get up. As I sit up in bed, the person alters their trajectory as my position has shifted. They are definitely targeting me. Now sitting up in bed I can see them fast approaching between my feet. I immediately stand up to avoid the collision and get out of their way.

I walk to the bathroom and do my business. Upon returning to bed, I immediately return to the dream. I am among a group of people. They feel like aliens to me. They seem to have a purpose which they are carrying out. They are manipulating the eithers. Normally I might be afraid, but I am not having it today. I refuse to be swept away by their will to carry me off somewhere. I’m determined to stand firm in my awareness of what they are doing. I have my own faculties and power to stand on my own in my own desired space of my choosing.

The eithers change as wave upon wave of energy envelopes us. I now see there is a glass wall that has been created separating me from them. They are seated on the other side in an office space that looks somewhat like an auditorium or small theater. They talk among themselves. I am still determined to hold my own space. I decide I am going to ignore this glass partition that separate me from them and demonstrate to them I am unafraid and enter their space. I simply walk through the wall. Transiting the wall, I notice there are two barriers of shimmering strands of rainbow light.

I emerge on the other side and am now able to see from their vantage point. I can now hear their conversation. They are discussing the wealth they had accumulated is somehow sufficient and they turn to observe a church on a hill in front of them. The church is absolutely beautiful and has white opal stones adorning the tower. I am given a bowl which is made of the same white opal stone. I tilt the bowl in every direction enamored by the way the light reflects in the bowl. The more I rotate and tilt the bowl the more the images are produced. I suddenly realize the images in the bowl are scenes from my mother’s life. It is an anthem commemorating my mom’s life. I then look up at the church to better understand where I am standing and what is going on. My attention is drawn to the top of the tower where the name of the church is present. The name is Otilia.

I wonder if my bother Paz is aware of the bowl and its significance. I believe this is something he may have overlooked. I stare at the bowl unable to take my eyes off it. I am mesmerized by the beautiful color and many images presented to me within the bowl.