The Waiting Room

June 24, 2021

This dream I had yesterday but it seemed to be situated in the same place as last nights so I figured they may be related.  In the first dream, I am with a group of people in a building.  I notice everyone has what looks like soap suds stuck on them in different places.  The soap suds are sticky so they are clinging on to their cloths. I don’t think much of it as I assume it is just normal for this place.  As my visit with these people nears an end my role in their dimension is partially revealed.  I seem to be an authoritative figure here even though I am not found here all the time.  For this reason, they wear the soap suds so as to have me be a part of them always.  The suds seem to be part of my biological material.  I still have a bit of time before I need to leave so I decide to look around.  I walk though a waiting room were a woman is seated.  I recognize her as someone I’ve known in the past.  I’m split on the one hand with the desire to explore and on the other a curiosity to say hello to the woman.  The choice seems to be made for me and the woman calls out my name stopping me in my tracks.  It isn’t common for me to hear my name called in dreams.  I am obviously aware of the dream state.  I stop and am told that my people have been somewhat displaced as they didn’t believe I was coming back.  I respond by saying what do you mean.  Of course I’m coming back, I’m here aren’t I?  She explains further.  From her supplication and knowing she was placed in the waiting room without reason, I take matters in my own hand.  For some reason, I believe I have the power to correct the situation. 

Time seems to stand still as I reach in and make myself known.  I decide to leverage the soap suds as that must be what they are for.  I impress my desire with focused thought directing them to what needs to be done.  There are some actions only I can take and must take to set the record straight. 

Sitting contemplating the situation on how to respond someone brings to my awareness the fact that my partner has left me.  Left me?? Even though I don’t have a partner in real life I seem to know who they are talking about.  I respond, “He couldn’t have left me I still have his wallet.”  To prove it, I reach into my pocket and pull out his wallet and open it to find his identification card.  I focus carefully on his name.  Knowing I am in a dream and knowing this is a true moment of potential enlightenment where I can bring something back to my waking life I read the name very carefully.  I can see the name and read it clearly.  I try my best to commit it to memory.  I am then drawn to a picture in his wallet.  It is a picture of his daughter.  He couldn’t have left without taking his wallet given such a precious item remaining in it.  This too I must correct. 

I set out to fix these items or show that he is still with me.  I walk over to a kiosk on the other side is a person who seems to be the gatekeeper for those boarding a ship.  She seems to imply I am without means of passage.  Feeling as if I am this place and quite emboldened I notice she has a wad of cash sitting on the counter. I remark well it would be of no effort for me to take the wad since it is mine anyways.  I reach over and grab it placing it in my wallet.  The wallet can barely hold the cash and my pocket is overflowing.  I believe the money could be useful to me at a later time but I need somewhere to store it until I return. 

I return to where I was earlier and recall a hotel nearby.  I know I need to do something quite unexpected.  Something contrary to the normal course this dream would have taken.  I decide to rent a room in the hotel and use the safe to store the money until I return. 

Once in the hotel I put the money away and notice someone left two baseball caps on the dresser.  Something in me knows these caps contain the authority I need to recover.  I quickly pick one up and as I do it begins to glow a luminescent blue.  I quickly place the baseball cap on my head.  I will need to find someone trustworthy to wear the second cap so I place it in my back pocket.  As I get ready to leave the dream I sense time is now passing.  The dream begins to shift like a portal that will bring me back to my bed but I have to calculate the the perfect reentry point.   The point I calculate is one level below me.  As the two dimensions cross I make the leap. 

I then awoke in my bed. 

June 26, 2021

The next night I had another dream this one seemed to follow the last.  I find myself in a very similar space with knowledge of the prior night’s dream.  I probably remembered it clearly because I kept repeating it in my head over and over again. I wanted to journal it and didn’t have time to record it. 

In this dream, I am with the same group of coworker those people who are closely associated with me.  I’m not sure who everyone is I just know to be respectful of everyone because they are my people.  There is a man who seems to be the guy in charge or the person who will serve as my immediate supervisor on this next project.  I know this because he is wearing a blue cap.  He is a very handsome man.  The quarters are tight we seem to be in the hotel room I rented.  We are all sitting in the room some finding space laying on the bed and some on the floor.  We are resting in advance of our time to start the job.  The man is lying right next to me.  Since there is little free space on the bed our bodies at times touch.  I feel his energy and I desire to touch him back but not knowing him well I want to respect him.  We have a long conversation mostly about work and the project we have undertaken.  In our conversation a few personal details are leaked.    He tells me he has a daughter which he had through surrogacy.  I am amazed because I to have a child as a result of surrogacy.  I wonder how he finds the time to do his job and be a parent at the same time.  I can see the hair on his neck and I so desire to give him a hug and cuddle him.  I feel very close to this person. 

I then feel the urgent need to pee and unable to hold it anymore I wake up to get out of bed.  It is 5am.  Oliver is laying on the bed next to me with his head pressed against my shoulder.  I think to myself it must be Oliver photobombing my dream.  I need to change Oliver’s diaper and sit him on the potty.  I do all these and return to bed.  I immediately reenter the dream.  I can see the etheric embers of the dream coming together.  I see we are exactly midway between sunrise and sunset. I lay on the side of the setting sun and the man with the cap lays on the side of the rising sun.  I take careful note of how the dream works. How it all comes together and wonder if I can slip through the ethers for a quick adventure.   It occurs to me that this is must be my so called partner who I was aware of from the night before.  It all make sense now.  (In the dream it seemed to make sense but not sure I understand it in waking life. )  The man seems to know my desire to explore.  He seems to know the mechanics of the dream better than I do and motions his next move for me.  He then jets into the direction of the ethers and I quickly follow.  We descend deep within the dream .  The colors are spectacular.  I know the direction to head because I can see the glow of his cap.