Park-a-Barge River

BargeI had a dream where I am in the parking structure of the building where I work.  I park my car in an open space and proceed to walk toward the stairs to enter the building when I accidentally trip over an access panel at my right foot.  The access panel door is slightly raised.  Both curious to know where the access panel leads and wishing to properly secure it to prevent others from tripping over it I remove the panel door to examine it.  The opening is barely large enough to put my hand through it but wide enough to provide a clear view of every parking level below me.  Each parking level below me has the same access panel positioned directly below the one where I am standing.  By removing the access panel door, I have opened all access panels on ever floor below me allowing me to see into all of them all simultaneously. 

Though the opening, I can see the parking structure is built above a river which is wider than the parking structure itself.  It is a vast river with a strong flowing current.  I think it very odd that a parking structure would be built above a river.  It wouldn’t seem to make for a very secure foundation.  As I scan the surface of the water I notice a severed hand floating in the river.  I’m immediately concerned.  Scanning the river for the remains of the body to which the hand would belong, I see a large barge that is carrying the bodies of the dead for processing.  The bodies are laid on their bellies piled upon each 9 high or more.  The man who works the barge is processing each body one at a time placing it below the surface of the water until each is consumed by the current.  There is green algae like film that covers bodies. 

I have the feeling that I am not supposed to be witnessing what I have just seen.  I decide to secure the access panel and go to my office where I can take the time to process and research what it is I have just seen.  Once at my desk, I realize this research will require access to top secret documents which I am not privileged to but I know someone who does have a top secret clearance who might grant me the information.  I call Joe up and ask if he could possibly gather the information for me.  He kindly agrees and within a few minutes documents are delivered. Stacks of reports now sit on my desk for review along with new research equipment, computers, scanners and communication devices to allow me further inquiry and investigation should I wish to delve deeper into this mystery.  I open the files and the first thing I notice is the information that authenticates the information and its source listing the price for obtaining the information.  All have been delivered free of charge this is clearly noted by a zero in the balance due files.  I know had this not been a favor to me anyone else receiving the information would have had to pay a significant price to obtain such information.

After I’ve gone though all the documentation provided I decide to go back down to the parking structure and have a second look.  Once down there I remove the access panel door.  Once again, I can see the barge and the worker processing the bodies.  The barge worker is wearing a full body green suit.  His hands are silver and resemble metallic claws.  By comparison, I can tell his hands different and his body is much larger than that of the dead he is processing.  I surmise with all the information I now have that this man cannot possibly be of human origin.

I’m worried that I have stumbled upon something that is so top secret that I will be searched out and prevented from disseminating the information.  I attempt to replace the panel door.  As I reach to grab the panel door a car drives by and crushes the door breaking the interlocking mechanism.  This truth can no longer be concealed.

The 8th Grade Marching Band

Marching BandI had a dream where I am living in a temporary location with my roommate Bryan.  Although the location where I’m living is temporary, it would seem that I am lying to myself and to others.  I have down scaled my living arrangement out of necessity and am somewhat embarrassed by this fact and I don’t want to admit it to people so I tell them that it is temporary.  I also desperately want a companion or partner to share my life with.  So I decide to take on two additional roommates, one who will occupy and share my living quarters during the day while I’m at work, a female, and another, a male, who will occupy the space during the night hours when I’m in bed.  I’m attracted to the male however he is engaged to be married to a woman.  He has moved here to marry his future wife but needs a place to stay until the wedding day.  It is such a convenient arrangement for the both of us.

I think to myself if he is sharing my bed and my space with me he will have time to get to know me before his wedding date and possibly fall in love with me and subsequently change his mind about marrying his fiancé.  The first night that he spends with me we sit like old friends discussing our lives, our past and our future ambitions. 

In the morning I leave for work.  My roommate Bryan has not been home so I have not had the opportunity to tell him of the new boarders I am hosting.  While waiting for the bus, I run into the female boarder.  She tells me that she is coming from watching the 8th grade marching band that plays along one of the streets in my neighborhood. 

In the evening when I get home from work I open the door to find my roommate angrily picking up the mess the night boarder has left.  I’m surprised myself that he has made such a mess and has also taken the liberty of rearranging the furniture.  I realized I probably should have discussed the change with him prior to agreeing to the arrangement.  As Bryan walks off with the bedding in his arms the night boarder comes through the door.  He tells me he just came from watching the 8th grade marching band.  I then realize that I am hosting both the bride and the groom.