Muddy Feet

In this dream I am with two other friends we traveled here together. I seem to have become separated from the others. It feels like I came here with them and don’t have a way to get back on my own yet I’m not worried about finding them. I stumble by a barn door which is partially open. I look inside and notice a fair amount of wet mud at the entrance. Inside are many people doing gymnastics. They tie their wrists to a vine and get on top of each others shoulders much like a pyramid. They are stacked about 10 people high. Once you reach the top you either fall down or are taken by the vine to the top of a mountain.

I am called to participate but I don’t want to get my feet all muddy. The vine wraps around my wrists as an invitation to ascend the mountain. I immediately unwrap the vine and decide not to go. I see many who are falling down before reaching the top. When they fall they fall into the mud. This seems to be a game. I’m told by my guide I will have to do it another way and without my consent I am whisked off to the mountain top. I can smell the mud. I am flying through the air. I am unafraid even though I should be afraid since I don’t know what will happen next.

Once at the top of the mountain my guide says since I removed the vine I will be restricted from seeing the other dimensions but I can use my phone which is coded for my purpose. I look at my phone and notice the phone is programmed in a language I do not understand. I feel reassured if it is meant for me I will be able to figure it out at the appropriate time.

I’ve been gone from my friends for a long time but I don’t seem to be worried about finding them. Like a child who wonders off who is sure his parents will keep a watchful eye on them so they don’t stray off too far.