Hielitos de Leche Condensada

May 12, 2024

Lately I’ve had a lot of very interesting dreams but just haven’t had the time to write them down.  Today I felt I had another that was asking for my time.  Maybe because it’s mother’s day.  In the dream, I am needing to travel to an appointment.  It feels like it might be a doctor’s appointment as there is something in me that needs care, corrections or an adjustment of sorts.  I seem to be in need of a remedy.  I’m deciding what is the logical and best method for getting to my destination after work.  What mode of transportation will facilitate my travel plans best.  I seem to have telepathic awareness of the doctor’s plans time tables and availability to see me and when I am scheduled to arrive.  There is an associate with me who will travel with me.  He needs to go in the same direction so I decide the best option for me is to drive my car this way just in case my associate needs a lift home from there I would be well equipped to offer my assistance and vehicle to get him there.

I’m getting ready to leave work.  I stand up and vacate my desk chair.  Someone attempts to sit in my chair.  I quickly respond with, “No sorry that chair is occupied.”  I explain I will be returning to my desk.  The desk chair has a bit of poop on it from where I sat so I’m sure they wouldn’t want to sit in my poop.  This part of the dream strikes me as being odd, why would there be poop on my desk chair?  Another part of me discounts this odd scenario and thinks to himself what an incredibly good way to save your seat. 

I drive with my associate to the doctor’s appointment.  It is located in an industrial area that is quite remote.  There is plenty of parking in this area so I shouldn’t have any difficulty finding parking.  The doctor calls me to check in with me and determine if I am needing any help.  I tell him I am just about to arrive. 

He tells me I am close enough or within reach and proceeds to give me the remedy to start familiarizing myself with it.  Awesome I think to myself.  How efficient is that?  Wow.  The remedy arrives and it is an ice tray with ice milk.  The color of the cubes and sweet smell of the milk reminds me of Borden’s Sweetened Condensed Milk.  I have flashbacks of when my mom used to use it in recipes.  She would always let me lick the spoon. 

When I finally arrive at the doctor’s office.  I still need to be told how the remedy is intended to be administered. I feel very close to this doctor he feels like an old friend.  We have a very close familial relationship.  He guides me to where the real essence is the exact nature of the remedy to help explain how it works and what effects it will have. 

As I look around, we are now within an ancient archeological site.  I can see the large stones with which the site was built.  I notice many of the stones are solid gold.  There are many distinct sections as if they repeat.  Within each is a stone sculpture of the family who visited before me for whom the monument was dedicated.  Each distinct section has a its own sculpture with each family being what distinguishes the section, otherwise, they would be identical. It seems to be a remembrance, an honoring of the past.  It also validates, I have arrived at the right destination and certifies the remedy as being perfectly aligned to the need for which I am here.