Warning Use Your Colors and Sage It.

Thursday October 5, 2023

In last night’s dream, I am trying to flee someone who is pursuing me. It somehow feels like an exercise as if this is part of a training program. I am usually very good at moving with great speed in my dreams and have the ability to soar to great heights. However at times, I struggle to muster up these dream abilities. Tonight was one of them. I am fleeing from my pursuer. My power to flee comes in bursts of energy but each time, I am unable to fully evade my pursuer. I am tired and just want to sleep. I wish they would leave me alone. This goes on for what seems like an endless array of attempts. At one point, my mentor places the palm of his hand on my forehead and asks me to try again. The feeling of his palm on my forehead fills me with a great sense of love, hope and warmth. A part of me feels like giving up already and to simply confront whatever is pursuing me. I give it one more attempt and with great power and speed we are thrusted off as if I just pushed off the edge of a pool on my back with my legs pushing me away from my pursuer. I still am unable to get very far from my pursuer. When my body stops moving, I stand there resolved to figure this out. A light suddenly shines from within me bright red. I instantly recall, I have the ability to summon light from within me. I have a rainbow of colors to call forth. This is how I will respond.

~~ The dream ends there.

Something unbelievably strange happened to me this morning and I will share it along with this dream as I somehow feel they relate to each other. We have a block party on my street every year around the end of October or first week of November depending on the weather forecast. At night, the neighbors sit in the middle of the street around a several firepits listening to music and telling stories. It’s a great opportunity to connect with neighbors. Each year I burn sage in the firepits that I grow in my garden. I do it to protect the neighborhood. I offer up blessings as I sit there meditating on flames.

Picture thanks to neighbor Julie H.  Block Party 2022

Yesterday was the day I made my sage clippings. To dry them, I roll them up in a magazine and leave them outside in the sun to dry. This year, I didn’t have a magazine, so I used some pink construction paper off a large roll I have. Its the type of roll you buy to protect your floors during painting projects. I cut two long 12 in strips and placed the sage clipping in them. I made two rolls and secured them together with a rubber band. I placed the two rolls rubber banded tightly together on the hood of my car in my backyard. I figured it could serve to bless and protect my car and the hood provided extra warmth for them to dry exposed to direct sunlight.

The next morning therefore this morning when I drove my son to school, I completely forgot to take the rolled-up sage off the hood of my car. We pulled out and drove off. Today is Thursday. Trash pickup is Wednesday. As I drove through the alley, I remarked on the sloppy job the trash collectors did. There was trash laying around on the ground in several places. I rounded the corner in the alley, and I could see 40 feet or so in front of me (near the 15 mile /hour speed marker) pink construction paper. I recognized it as being similar to my pink construction paper but why would my trash end up way over here. I assumed maybe someone just happened to have paper like mine.

I continued and drove Oliver to school to drop him off. Upon returning to my house as I pulled in the alley and got off my car to open my gate, I saw another piece of pink construction paper in the near distance before you round the corner and not quite as far as the original piece of paper I saw earlier. At that point, it was obvious to me what had happened. I forgot to remove the sage from the hood of my car. I parked my car and immediately walked the 40 or so feet up to retrieve my sage. One of the rolled sages was scattered on the ground along with the paper. Wanting to retrieve all my sage which I needed for the firepit, I continued walking to examine the other piece of pink construction paper I had seen. It was undeniably mine and in fact contained my sage. (This picture is from the point at which I noticed the pink construction paper in the distance near the speed limit sign.)

So, the mystery is how is it possible for me to see my sage on the ground no less than 40 feet in front of me if my car had not yet arrived at that position? Simply impossible. Someone would have had to have come into my yard picked up the rolled sage off the hood of my car and distributed in two places in the alley. This would be extremely unlikely a near impossibility. So, what came first, the sage or my car?

Has something like this ever happened to me before??? Well … you wouldn’t believe it but YES. I’ve told this story to family and friends before but have never written about it. It is one of those things I simply cannot explain how it happened. The event occurred in this same alley behind my house. It was the day after I had moved into my house. My old landlord had lent me his station wagon to move some final items from my old house to the new one. My mother was with me in the car. We pulled up in the alley and paused the car right in back of my house. I was just going to quickly drop off the items entering through the back door. For a moment, I sat there sitting in the car talking to my mother when all of the sudden a car came racing through the alley. It was being pursued by the police. The alley only has room for one car with a small amount of space on either side to barely open your car door. The speeding car came racing through the alley and turned and came barreling at us head on. Miraculously it went “around us” where there is physically no room to accommodate a second car. The car sped past us or possibly through us causing only damage to the cars side view mirror on the driver’s side. There was not even a scratch on the car. The police that came in pursuit of the speeding car saw us parked there and instead of coming at us turned and went in the other direction. They alley in back of my house has a Y configuration.

My yard is the one with the indented fence line. My car is stopped behind my neighbor’s yard. This is generally where I stop to make my turn into my yard. I also did not have a fence at the time of the incident however both my neighbors did and are the same one currently there. No damage was done to either of my neighbor’s fences. One of my neighbors also has a tree box that butts up against the alley. A car attempting to go around my car would have to have turned into and out of my yard within the 20 feet that is my property line and still manage to go past me.

Time seems to be out of order. What happened first? I cannot help but wonder, did the sage I dropped today protect me and my mom from a head on collision 25 years ago? If we had not paused to sit in the car for a minute to talk, would we have been run over? Did I die that day and am I living in an alternate reality? Is retro causality possible?

It’s Time; Yo se Ma.

September 21, 2023

In this dream I see my mom from across a divide.  She is younger.  I suddenly become aware of the conversation hearing my words respond, “Yo se ma.”  My response was to a sense of an urging by my mom that, “Its time”.  As I became lucid, I immediately capture the moment with the sense of urgency and did something completely unexpected.  I wave Hello to my mom with my physical hand.  She immediately acknowledges the wave by waving back.  I am completely shocked… my dream mom should not have been able to see my physical hand wave in the dream given she is in my head but my mom in the dream responded by instantly waving back and adding a smile that only my mom could give.  WOW.

I later had a second dream where I am with my son Oliver and my sister Grace.  We are going to the airport.  I am struggling to get off the bus which has stopped to drop us off at the airport.  My bed sheets seem to get caught in the door.  Oliver and Grace have already gotten off the bus.  With the delay, I’m now worried we will miss the flight or that the door will close, and I will lose Oliver sight of Oliver.   I finally manage to dislodge myself from my bed sheets and walk up to the front door of the bus.  As I disembark from the bus, the driver hands me a wallet saying, “This is yours.”  I open it not really recognizing it as mine.  I clearly see the identification card.  I return it to her saying sorry this is not mine.  A part of me wonders if there was anything in the wallet worth keeping.  I also know anything in there belongs to the one identified on the ID card. 

Interestingly, I’ve been seeing Angel numbers appearing everywhere and I mean everywhere every day. Every time I look at the clock its 11:11 or 3:33 or any repeating series of numbers. Not sure what is on the horizon or what God is trying to get my attention on, but they’ve recruited my mom to deliver the message. The first thing that came to mind in the morning is putting more effort into placing the last two embryos I’m holding on to. Those little ID cards are not mine and they need a home.

Otilia Mother Opal Church

Sevenopal, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

June 8, 2023

So last night I had an amazing dream. It was about 3am when I began to feel the need to pee. I resisted getting up wanting nothing else than to stay comfy in my bed. I noticed someone coming toward me except the person was in a pool of water swimming towards me. I have a sense they are targeting surfacing where I stand. I notice the person’s hair which is all I can see of their face. It reminds me of Oliver’s hair which in turn reminds me of my mother’s hair. The urge to pee is forcing me to get up. As I sit up in bed, the person alters their trajectory as my position has shifted. They are definitely targeting me. Now sitting up in bed I can see them fast approaching between my feet. I immediately stand up to avoid the collision and get out of their way.

I walk to the bathroom and do my business. Upon returning to bed, I immediately return to the dream. I am among a group of people. They feel like aliens to me. They seem to have a purpose which they are carrying out. They are manipulating the eithers. Normally I might be afraid, but I am not having it today. I refuse to be swept away by their will to carry me off somewhere. I’m determined to stand firm in my awareness of what they are doing. I have my own faculties and power to stand on my own in my own desired space of my choosing.

The eithers change as wave upon wave of energy envelopes us. I now see there is a glass wall that has been created separating me from them. They are seated on the other side in an office space that looks somewhat like an auditorium or small theater. They talk among themselves. I am still determined to hold my own space. I decide I am going to ignore this glass partition that separate me from them and demonstrate to them I am unafraid and enter their space. I simply walk through the wall. Transiting the wall, I notice there are two barriers of shimmering strands of rainbow light.

I emerge on the other side and am now able to see from their vantage point. I can now hear their conversation. They are discussing the wealth they had accumulated is somehow sufficient and they turn to observe a church on a hill in front of them. The church is absolutely beautiful and has white opal stones adorning the tower. I am given a bowl which is made of the same white opal stone. I tilt the bowl in every direction enamored by the way the light reflects in the bowl. The more I rotate and tilt the bowl the more the images are produced. I suddenly realize the images in the bowl are scenes from my mother’s life. It is an anthem commemorating my mom’s life. I then look up at the church to better understand where I am standing and what is going on. My attention is drawn to the top of the tower where the name of the church is present. The name is Otilia.

I wonder if my bother Paz is aware of the bowl and its significance. I believe this is something he may have overlooked. I stare at the bowl unable to take my eyes off it. I am mesmerized by the beautiful color and many images presented to me within the bowl.