The Apocalypse

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951 Film)Last night I had a dream.  I am busy entertaining guests in my house so busy that I forget what day it is.  As I look around I notice people are tense busily preparing for something.  I stop to ask one of my neighbors, “What’s up?”  He answers, “It’s the end of the world.”  “Is that today”, I ask him? I am not surprised by his response.  There are people in the know who have been aware of the events of 2012  for a long time.  I am one of those people.  I simply forgot it was today.  Yes…I do remember today is the day of the Apocalypse, the day the Earth is to stand still in awe of a great change.  Today is the day when the Earth as we know it will change.


Wanting to be fully present for the day’s events, a day that will go down in history, I step out on the deck where I have a clear view of the sky.  It is early afternoon but the sky is dark with dense cloud cover.  As I look out over the heavens watching for any anomalies, I notice a dark disk shaped ring approaching.  It’s them, they are here.  You can clearly make out the shape of the space ship through the dense clouds.  We are about to be invaded by aliens. 


Their ship stops just above my house.  As the ship hovers over my house, crewmembers begin to disembark on ropes landing on my deck by the dozens.  Those who are not afraid of the aliens are gathered to witness the event.  To my surprise the aliens look just like humans with the exception that they have agility that far surpasses that of any human being. At first they are focused on finding someone.  I know they are looking for me but for some reason they are not picking up on where or for that matter, who I am.  I know that if I surrender to them they will leave Earth quickly and not prolong their stay.  This would be good for those who might be in a state of fear.  I decide to surrender to them but first I disguise my friend Dinah as my dog to take her with me. 


They quickly confirm who I am and accept me and my dog Dinah to board the ship.  The invasion is over and we are now headed back to their home planet.  These people live high up in the trees and they get around like Tarzan by swinging on ropes.  For most of the trip I’m asleep.  When I awaken, I’m perched high up in the trees but my dog Dinah is not with me.   I’m immediately filled with the energy of this planet.  I feel like one of them.  I’m suddenly aware of all their abilities.  I grab for a rope and begin swinging in the trees completely unafraid.  I now have their agility. 


There are two races here on this planet, those who live in the trees and those who dwell on the land.  I want to experience both races.  I also want to find my dog Dinah.  To remain up in the trees, with every swing of the rope I must pull the rope toward me.  Instead I begin to descend finally reaching ground level where I allow those who dwell on the land to take me.  They place me in a trash bin to hide me from the tree dwellers who are now looking for me.  Dinah is in the trash bin with me.  I guess they knew I’d come looking for her.


The trash bin is on a rail car that begins to move.  They are transporting me somewhere.  They instruct me to keep my head down to remain out of sight from the tree people.  Since I’m with Dinah I’m happy and I remain quiet. 

I then heard my alarm sound.  I reached over, snoozed the alarm and rolled over for a few more precious minutes of sleep.  Before I had even fallen back to sleep I could still clearly see the dream in my minds eye.  I am still on board the moving rail car.  I can see Dinah sleeping next to me disguised as my dog.  Looking at her disguise I’m surprised they didn’t figure it out.  She doesn’t look anything like a real dog.  I chuckle for a moment inwardly. 


Wanting to explore my surroundings in this wakeful dream state, I get up out of the trash bin which is empty of any trash.  It was only used to transport us.  I peak over the top and look at the other cars.  I am in what looks to be a mine shaft, some internal caverns probably deep in some mountains.  There are others riding in the other bins.  There is a blond guy in the car in front of me who noticing me turns around to look at me.  I am amazed that this dream figure before me has every facial feature and quality of real life.  He is perfect in ever sense.  Yet it is not someone I have ever seen in this lifetime.  How has my mind constructed such an image?  There is something about him I recognize.  He smiles at me showing me his teeth and playfully makes a face at me. I’m expecting him to say Boo!  He doesn’t.  The more I look at him the more I’m amazed by the experience when suddenly it occurs to me.  This is my face yet not the face I wear in this life.  It’s as if I’m looking in the mirror.  Without a doubt he is me.  My alarm rings a second time. 

The Truth Above A Lie

Video PhoneLast night I had a dream as soon as I laid my head down on my pillow.  In the dream I pick up the phone to call my first partner, now my ex, Jerry who lives in Los Angeles.  I’m waiting for him to answer the phone.  The minute he answers I not only hear his voice but I can see him sitting in his house alone.  He appears to be seated in front of a hidden video camera.  He sits directly in front of me but is unaware that I can see him.  In the background, I can see the furnishings inside his house.  I am confused not knowing how it is possible I can see into his house.  Is this a true representation of his house?  I assume it is not.  What I am seeing must be my own surroundings.  He is completely unaware that I can see him as he is focused solely on our voice conversation. 

I ask him how he is doing and if he is seeing anyone in his life.  He responds by telling me a long story about how he has been alone all this time.  As he is telling me this someone walks down a flight of stairs into the room where he is.  It is a very good looking young man who has apparently overheard our conversation.  He is making a great deal of noise as he walks into the room.  The sound I hear over the phone corresponds with his movement and noise the man is making in the house.  The man evidently is aware of me and wants me to make the connection with the truth.  I hear a distinct voice tell me, “He is lying to you.”  An inner knowing tells me the man in his house is the man he is seeing and what I am seeing is the truth.   

Clergy With Someone

ClergyLast night I had a restless night that resulted in a series of disturbing dreams. In the first dream I am at a party and we are blowing up balloons. They are the type of balloons that are twisted into animal shapes. The balloon I am given is black. The objective is to blow up the balloon to the break point without breaking it. As I begin to blow up my balloon I notice it looks like a penis or dildo. I am disturbed by the image and I want to stop but I feel committed to the challenge. I don’t want to fail. I’m aware that the more I blow the more pleasure is felt by those around me who are observing me. They are urging me on. I’m approaching the break point. Just one more puff. The balloon bursts with a loud pop. I immediately wake up startled by the loud sound and burst of air at my face.

As I open my eyes there is a fat black man looking at me with puffed cheeks, pinched lips and bulging eyes. He reminds me of Louis Armstrong. I am extremely annoyed at his presence. He is the reason why my balloon burst. The look in his eyes tells the whole story. He is making a joke of me. I backhand him and roll on my side to go to sleep.

I then had a dream where I am dating a guy over the internet whose screen name is “ClergyWithSomeone.” Our conversations occur mostly over the internet. At first our chats are pretty typical and very delightful. Then something changes the mood shifts for some reason and I suspect something is wrong. I’m trying to figure out what has changed. Why is it that the internet acting differently? As I examine the computer I realize my hands are stuck to the computer. I am trying to figure out how to detach myself from the device. I’m pulling the computer away from me over my head like a pull over sweater. At this point when I am almost free a white note is passed to me seemingly a chat request. I feel it is from someone trying to help me. I immediately grab for the note in the hope of freeing myself. I’m beginning to wake up.

When I open my eyes I’m completely disoriented. I cannot make heads or tails of my room yet I am awake. I feel like I am recovering from just having passed out as if the blood is just now returning to my brain. As my brain begins to make sense of my bedroom, I see three men floating above my bed. They are standing together in a group facing each other. They are humanoid with the face of an animal specifically a bear or a beaver. Again I am extremely annoyed with them for the dream they have given me. I don’t feel they are making fun of me they are simply telling me the truth, a truth which doesn’t feel so good. I back hand them and turn once again in the other direction and fall back to sleep.

I have another dream. In this dream there is a police officer that has been stocking my house and watching me through my closed windows. He has been watching my movie played on my television screen, a movie of my life. I feel violated. He knows my most personal and intimate details. Upon becoming aware of him I step outside my house onto the front porch to confront him. Given that he is a police officer, I feel I must comply with his demands. He wants to enter my home to inspect it. I turn and walk back toward my front door. Something inside me says, “DON’T DO IT….DON’T BELIEVE HIM…DON’T LET HIM IN. I must react quickly. I make a run for it at a moment in time where he was not expecting it. I slam the iron door closed and quickly turn the dead bolt lock. I tell him he must wait outside while I call the station and confirm that he is in fact who he says he is and has the authority with which to search my home. My actions angers him greatly.

I am in a panic inside the house not knowing what to do next. Who do I call? What should I do? The panic places me in a lucid state a super conscious state where answers are coming to me. I remember that I know how to fly. I am the master of my dreams. I alone am the script writer. I alone must confront him but I will do it prepared with a super conscious awareness. I practice for a moment flying back and forth within my dream house to verify that I can indeed fly and I have my super human powers at my readiness. I then open the door to confront my oppressor. It is dark outside and he is now no where to be found but I know he still lurks in the darkness.

I now go about my business. I walk through the house taking note of all the details. There are mementos of my life and memories of my mother. As I start to remember where I came from, I become lost in the experience. As the wave of information starts to end, I come across a group of photos. They are photos of me with my friends taken in the past. In the first photograph I see the man my oppressor the same man who stood outside my house dressed as a police man. I clearly recognize him now. I hear myself say, “I hate him.” I can’t believe we were once friends but here is the truth on paper. We were friends. I flip through the photos. We are together in a majority of the photos. He smiles like a horse. I remember his presence even in those days was overbearing but he was my friend.

I then hear a sound at the door. He is back and the front door is wide open. He enters the house. We both take flight and confront each other in mid air in a great show of force. He is an extremely powerful opponent with powers that equal mine. His advantage is that he has lived in this underworld for a long time. It is his home turf. I am on his playing field. I on the other hand have been away from my powers having used them only sparingly during the course of my life on earth. The knowledge of how to use them is steadily coming back to me. We collide many times in mid air but I am not backing down. It is not only me for whom I am fighting for. I am fighting for the freedom to be as we really are in our full potential. I am fighting for my family’s right to sovereignty, peace and security. We finally lock each other in a choke hold. I’ve got him by the neck gripped under my arm.

The struggle wakes me up. As I open my eyes there is a face of a man beside me. His face is bright red and he has an expression that is undoubtedly evil. If there is a devil this man is him. Interestingly he has two piercing one on his lip and the other on his nose. He is completely red except for both piercing which are a vibrant luminescent blue. I am amazed that I am seeing this before me in a fully conscious state. I give no expression other that of sheer determinations and steadfast resolve to stand my ground. After a few minutes….his image fades. I then got up and went to the bathroom to pee.

Fresh Drinking Water

Tap WaterI had a dream where I am at my house.  I have guests staying with me.  A cleaning lady is busy in one of the other rooms of the house cleaning. There is bird feed all over the floor.  I’m wondering where the bird feed came from.  In the corner of the room I find a small wicker basket with a cotton cloth lining that is filled with colorful bird feed.  Knowing the source of the feed, I turn and ask the cleaning lady to please tidy up the room and to be sure to pick up all the bird feed that has fallen on the floor.  After asking her I ask myself if I might have been a bit presumptuous in asking her to clean up for me after all I don’t have a maid in real life and I can very easily do it myself.  At this point, I’m obviously aware that I am dreaming.  I allow her to carry on her business not offering her any help…after all she is the cleaning lady be it only in the dream. 

I then walk over to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  Instead of turning on the water from the filtered tap I decide to use the regular tap to fill my glass.  I’m curious what the consistency of water is like in a dream.  After filling the glass with water I hold it up to a light that shines above my head.  In the water I can see tiny colorful micro organisms swimming about the glass that remind me of Sea Monkeys.  Puzzled I set the glass down on the counter and ask myself, where did the light above my head come from? 

With my hand firmly holding the glass on the counter I look up into the light and see billowing clouds gathering. Within the clouds I can see a face begin to emerge.  It is the face of God.  Knowing this is my opportunity to ask God for a favor, a favor he cannot refuse, a favor that might change the course of human history, I quickly think ….if you had only one question or favor to ask of God what would it be?  I want to ask for something universal that would benefit all mankind and not just myself.  Immediately I know what to ask for.  I look him straight in the eyes and ask, “God can you please give us clean drinking water from the tap.”   God looks up and away, slightly rolling his eyes at me while at the same time smiling in a way that lets me know I have in fact cornered him with the perfect request.  It is something that everyone needs and cannot live without.  After a short pause he turns to me and with seeming reluctance he agrees to grant my wish. 

The scene instantly changes and I now find myself standing outdoors in an open courtyard.  All peoples are gathering and gazing up at lights in the heavens.  There is a great display of beautiful lights in the sky in shapes that are unfamiliar to me.  I am disoriented not sure of where I am or what exactly we are looking at.  I immediately realize the awesomeness of that which we are beholding.  Celestial beings are arriving in space ships by the dozens. Very soon we will know our true origins. 

As we are gazing up at the approaching ships one of the landing gears falls off and lands next to me.  At first I think it is accidental but as I examine the landing gear which looks like a shoe to me it becomes apparent that they dropped it for me to retrieve.  The shoe is metallic with very sharp edges.  I turn the shoe over and inside it deep within the sole of the shoe is concealed a very bright light.  I am absolutely sure the shoe was not an accident. The shoe was delivered to me deliberately to conceal the light. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do with it or how to use it.  I assume I should place the shoe in such a way that the light reflects back to the approaching ships as a beacon or light house a way for them to find me and take us home.  I try placing it over my head but its enormous size makes it difficult to work with.   It is about two thirds the size of my body. 

I finally give up and leave the shoe behind.  I decide to head for the country and away from the city and all the on lookers that are beginning to gather.  I feel as though I wasn’t able to fulfill my purpose. 

I get into my car and start driving.  The car I am driving is a convertible.  As I reflect in the rear view mirror I suddenly realize I am now three people; the observer, the driver and the passenger who is seated in the back seat of the car.  As the observer I see myself as God sees me.  As the observer I am looking at the passenger who is completely unaware that I am looking at him.  I see myself in him.  I can see the light coming from within him perched on his shoulder.  He is unaware, unaware that I am with him, unaware that I am in him, unaware that I and he are one, unaware that the three are one..unaware that although he sits as a passenger in the back seat of the car…he drives the car.  He is unaware that he carries the light upon his shoulder.