The Number of the Universe is 4: In Case You Need Me, Speed Dial 4 on Your Cell Phone



I am at a county fair where we are guests at a hotel. One of the rooms in the hotel has dining tables that are laid out with orange and red tablecloths. Each table has a center piece that is garnished with pieces of dried fruit. Adjacent to this room is an outdoor white cloth tent where they store fruit that they have grown organically. Each type of fruit is stored in its own personal wooden crate. It reminds me of something you might see displayed at Pottery Barn, except that at Pottery Barn they might be selling fruit scented candles individually packed in their own little crates. By force of habit, I take the bug spray and spray the fruit. I am told that I do not need to do that because the fruit grown here does not have bugs. I am thinking I might have spoiled their organic crop. I realize my mistake and quickly discard the bug spray. Far away in an adjacent tent, I can see that there is a black lioness who is giving birth to her cub. I felt a tap on my shoulder which caused me to awaken suddenly.

As I opened my eyes, beside me was the figure of an old bearded man who sat in a lotus position on my bed. I instantly recognized the man to be Sri Yukteswar, who was the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, who in turn was the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship. I was a student of SRF many years ago when I first ventured away from my Christian upbringing. I had studied with them for about two years but never went through with their Kriya Yoga initiation. It was through the lessons of SRF and their many references back to the Bible and other scriptures that gave me a renewed and fresh appreciation for scripture. They helped me recognize God as one and the same across all religions. Sri Yukteswar began talking to me about the universe and how the number of the universe was 4. I could clearly see his lips moving but I heard no sound. I laid there puzzled, wondering why of all people Sri Yukteswar. I could understand finding Paramahansa on my bed but not Sri Yukteswar. I knew very little about him other than that he was Paramahansa’s Guru. He kept talking and talking and making facial expressions. I kept trying to tell him in my mind that I could not hear him. “I can’t hear you; I can only see your lips move.” He would respond, “Yes you can.” I would tell him again, “No, I’m sorry but I can’t hear you; I can only see your lips moving.” He would patiently reply yet again, “Yes, you can hear me.” Looking back in hindsight, I realize that even though I did not hear anything audibly with my ears, I did apparently receive his message telepathically, otherwise how would I have known what his responses were and his message to me about the properties of the universe. I did not know how that bit of information would help me until much later when it became apparent that much meaning is hidden in astrology and numerology. He finally faded and I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

A couple hours later, I awoke suddenly to again find him standing beside my bed asking me for the time. I looked at my wrist watch but since I was not wearing my glasses, I could not read the time on my watch. Instead, I held out my arm and tapped my index finger on the face of my watch, indicating for him to look at it for himself. He apparently did not want to make the effort himself to look at it but instead wanted me to tell him the time. Knowing he was not going to leave me alone until I told him the time, I sat up in bed to look over at my alarm clock, which sat on the nightstand on the other side of my bed. The digital clock read 5:45am. “It’s 5:45am.”

This was the morning for sudden awakenings because for a third time I would be roused yet again and with magic and grace given a code by which I would confirm the existence of my guardian angel. I had been in a dream where I was with a group of friends. One of my friends named Jennifer had taken a special interest in me. (In real life, I do not have a friend named Jennifer) She gave me a cell phone that had her phone number preprogrammed in it so that I could call upon her any time I needed her for any reason. She then showed me how, by simply pushing a single button, it would autodial and connect me with her. As I was standing there with her, she pushed the button to test the phone. In that same moment in real life, I awoke suddenly. Without even thinking, I reached over to grab my voice recorder to record the details of the dream I had just had regarding the preprogrammed cell phone. As I got to the part where I recorded, “….and she tested it by pushing the button like this,” my real phone on my nightstand rang. The sound of the phone ringing was captured on my voice recorder. I did not answer it because it was too early in the morning so I assumed it had to be a wrong number. I also did not correlate the testing of the preprogrammed cell phone with the synchronicity of my real phone ringing at precisely the same time. It was not until later that day when I went to journal my dream into my computer that I replayed my voice recording and heard the phone ringing in the background. Then the synchronicity behind it all hit me.

Mysteriously, ever since then whenever I have dreamt about my guardian angel and have gone to journal the dream, the message indicator on my cell phone would beep to let me know that I have a message. It would beep at precisely the right time and not as a result of having been moved such that it had come into cell range. I did not know if my cell phone was faulty, but it could go the entire day and not beep at all to let me know that I have a message. It always beeped at precisely the right time to let me know my guardian angel was with me. We are the fruit of the vine. We are spirit having a human experience. That experience can never adversely affect our spirit no matter what it is that we experience. We are bug-proof. Our fruit may dry and be boxed away but our mother, the lioness, is continually giving birth to its cubs.

Since that dream, I have learned from one of my spirit guides that Jennifer, whose name is actually Guinevere (which means “white fay” or “white ghost”), is in fact my guardian angel. I have one spirit guide named Felicity who is around me all the time. She reminds me of my older sister. She has shoulder length straight hair and short bangs down to her eyebrows. Her hair curls forward as it comes to rest upon her shoulders. She has a signature trait of closing her eyes and softly shaking her head from side to side like in the shampoo commercials. In the etheric world, her hair moves with great body and bounce as if in slow motion. Every time I see her, she does her signature move as it has a way of pacifying me. As I am sure you might be wondering, I would like to share here how I came to know their names. For a long time, I did not know. I just recognized my spirit guides as nameless, simply having seen them before. It happened one day in a guided meditation that was ironically titled, “Channeling Your Spirit Guides.” While focused inward on my third eye in that meditation, I had a vision where my spirit guide came and did the little thing she always does with her hair. I had my headphones on, listening to the guided meditation, and on the recording as if on queue it said, “If you should see any of your spirit guides simply ask them their name.” So I did. To my surprise, I heard a voice say, “My name is Felicity.” Shocked, yet knowing I had to take advantage of this moment, I asked her to please also tell me the name of my guardian angel, to which I heard the voice say, “Don’t you remember? Her name is Jennifer and she is the one that calls you on the phone.” I had not equated Jennifer with an angel. In the dream she appeared simply as a person and not as an angel. Recalling the memory of Jennifer from the dream and the times when my guardian angel had appeared, it suddenly rang true. I had a moment of clarity and I remembered all the places I had seen her in visions and dreams and I knew Felicity was telling the truth. She was the same person. Angels do not always appear in visions or dreams in their winged form. They come to teach a lesson and will appear in whatever form necessary to carry the intended message. One must look to the soul of the person or spirit to know who is there.