Out Of Tune But On Key

August 3, 2018

I had a dream where one of my co-worker purchased a few condo unit through work.  Work owned a hotel, The Concordia which was later made available to employees to purchase units in the building at discounted prices.  The offering was only made to employees, vendors were excluded.  I was a vendor at the time and therefore was not aware of the offering.  I feel it is unfair since we worked side by side for so many years.  We walk through the unit.  I like the layout very much and feel I could live here comfortably in my retirement had I been offered something similar.

There is a communal area of the building where my co-worker has placed many pianos.  He sits at one of them and begins to play.  I can tell the piano is out of tune but he makes the keys sound good even considering it is out of tune.  He explains his success is all about the rhythm.