The Distraction of the Clear Light

Clear LightLast night I had a dream where I am being pursued by dark spirits who distract me.  They come nightly to pursue their quest.  The question is can I be distracted.  In the dream I am laying in bed and aware of the many spirits around me when suddenly I catch a glimpse of a bright white light.  The light is so intense I can barely focus on it. My inclination is to look away.  This is the light from which I must not be distracted. The goal is to move toward this light but the dark spirits are pawing at me.  


I have a son who is with me.  Throughout the night I’m attempting to avoid the dark spirits but they are powerful and persistent.  In the morning, I tell my son that the following night I must leave him alone because I have a business trip to undertake.  He is around 11 years old, almost old enough to remain in the house unsupervised.  At the last minute, I find a woman whom I know very well.  I ask her if it would be possible for her to care for the child during the night.  She agrees.  I then ask my son whether he is aware of the many spirits that visit the house nightly.  He says he has seen nothing.  I’m amazed that what is so apparent to me is unseen by others.  Regardless, I know the threat of distraction exists. 


The business trip turns out to be a one on one confrontation with the source of my distraction.  I must meet this entity head on.  No matter what I do I can’t seem to disarm this threat.  The distraction persists.  He pops up everywhere I go as an obstacle of my life long dream.  He is like a weed in my garden coming up every spring year after year.  As a last resort, I simply hold up my palm to him and graciously stop trying.  In relaxing the light flows through me and shrinks the entity.  I take advantage of this moment and gather my family and get in my car. Unfortunately, he resurfaces as my cousin inside my car.  In the end, I realize you can’t avoid it you must simply let go, accept it and bring it along with you.  It is a part of me.  It is my shadow. 

New World Colonies

PlanetI had a dream where I was lucid.  A part of me knows this is not a dream but instead I am actually in an alternate reality.  I realize I am on a space ship that is about to land on its home planet.  Knowing I am experiencing something that I have always dreamed of experiencing I take advantage of my lucid state and closely examine, validate and test everything I see.  I look closely out the windows to the dry desert landscape below.  I closely examine the make up of the space ship.  It is not made of metal but instead of a very light cardboard type substance that is extremely durable.  The ship is a metallic green color.  The windows are very large such that observation is the purpose of the windows.  I can see that this planet has streets and fairways very similar to those you’d expect to find on earth.  In otherwords, people here have similar needs as those on earth.  This is a newly populated planet.  I can see clearly that the technology here far exceeds that of earth.  The cars are made to resist accidental damage.  I have been invited here to help establish the first colonies on this planet.  I ask someone, “What planet is this?”   To this question, I receive no verbal response, yet a part of me knows everything about this place in the universe.  It is completely and totally known to me.  We debark from the craft and enter a building complex adjacent to the landing pad.  Everything here is new.  I’m shown where I will live.  My family is with me.