The Assembly of Vestibules


Last night I had a dream where I am attending an assembly of some of the most secret societies in the universe much like the Masons.  These people are highly ascended beings they are the gatekeepers.  To be allowed in here is one of the highest honors that can be accorded to you.  Everything and everyone here is cloaked in mystery.  This is my first time in attendance at this gathering of people.   I arrive at the assembly having ridden my motorcycle.  It is a cheaply made mode of transportation more like a scooter than a motorcycle.  It has mechanical difficulties.  The engine of my scooter is idling too high.  I am simply grateful that it has gotten me this far.  I am somewhat worried whether it will be sufficiently reliable to get me back home but for now I focus on the task for which I am here. 


I am given keys to my room where I will be staying while I am in attendance at the Assembly of Vestibules.  I quickly drop off my things and go looking for my friends.  I am particularly interested in finding my friend David. 


I encounter many others with whom I stop to have brief conversations.  I can feel everyone’s excitement and joy.  In the intense feelings, I misplace my keys.  Others have also misplaced their keys.  Which keys belong to whom?  There are three sets of misplaced keys.  One with a short key ring and two others have long chains.  One of the chains is gold and the other key has a shorter silver chain.  Looking at the gold chain I determine that is not mine.  I believe mine to be the one with the short key ring that does not have a chain. 


The assembly is gathered in a foreign country within a city that boarders Turkey in the north.   Many here are planning day trips into Turkey to see the great city of Istanbul.  They tell me the assembly is only 30 minutes from the Turkish boarder.


I can’t find my friend David.  I’m trying to find a group of people with whom I can connect and hang out with. Everyone is friendly and loving, guys with guys and girls with girls.  Everyone is happy and friendly.  I am thinking I don’t have any close friends to be with. 


I go back to check on my motorcycle.  The throttle has a yellow gasket with which to adjust the intake.  It has been set too high.  If I temper it back however the cycle dies. It is set this way for safety reasons.  I must keep it set high for the trip back home. 


The first thing that stuck out for me on this dream was the name for the assembly of people.  As I sat here listening to my dictation trying to pull back information from my subconscious to fill in the gaps I knew I knew more about this society of people than was apparent on my dictation.  They had a name I just could not grab at it.  It was elluding me.  Then it hit me, “Vestibules.”  What an odd name.  I jotted the name down figuring I would look into its meaning later.  Toward the end of the dictation I heard myself make reference to Istanbul. They rhyme so I knew they belonged together. 


Looking through the references I couldn’t help but notice the synchronicities such as Istanbul’s golden gate bridge and my reference to the gatekeepers.  More interestingly is the meaning of the word vestibule.  Aside from the fact that both words rhyme the meaning of the word vestibule is an opening to a canal.  Does Istanbul not sit upon an opening to a canal?  Other references for vestibules include the vulval vestibule an obvious symbol for the giver of life and the vestibule of the ear which is part of the labyrinth which in turn is a spiritual reference.  It’s pretty amazing how these things play together. 

A Knowable Universe


Last night I awoke while within a dream and suddenly realized I was leaving earth. I could not remember anything before this moment.  I tried hard to remember how I arrived at this point.  I knew this highly lucid state had been triggered by a deep desire to know my many visitors who grace my night.  


I am aware that there is no denying I am witnessing the real deal.  A part of me is afraid of the height at which we are traveling but I do not care.  If I am experiencing stellar travel I want to do it whole heartedly.  There is no looking back.  “Let’s go for it,” I think to myself.  I have an unobstructed view of everything in every direction as if I was in an invisible craft.  We are orbiting earth.  As we move further and further from earth, a deep separation anxiety comes over me. I am leaving my beloved terra.  Will I ever come back?  I know there is more out there I need to experience.  I am torn between the two worlds.  I wonder how I will ever find my way back.  At one point terra diminishes to a small dot in the sky indistinguishable from every other shadowy planet in the sky. 


Once we are far enough from earth, we change course and continue in a different direction across a black night of deep space.  Pressing onward we pass by many dark planets, shadowy worlds.  There are a few that exhibited signs of life, some are red and orange in color.  I notice most do not show signs of water yet I know they contain life.  I seem to be traveling backward with my back facing the direction in which we are headed.  Planets appear from over head into my field of vision.  At one point I wonder if it would be possible to reach out and touch one of these planets as it passes by.   I decide to try it.  I reach out my hand to touch the next planet passing over head believing it will float through my etheric hand.  


What follows happened very quickly in the blink of an eye without much forethought on my part.  


As the planet comes into contact with my had it erupts and shatters into many small pieces.  From the shattered remains emerges a beast of immense and incredible proportions.  I feel I unknowingly did harm to this planet. In shock and without thinking I grab the beast from over my head with both hands from under his arms and hurl him forward over my head in front of me to get a better look at him.  His face is coming at me at tremendous speed.  The shock of impact wakes me up. 


Now with open eyes,  at the precise moment to coincide with the actions in the dream, I sat up straight hurling his body head first into my sheets between my legs. He looked at me with disdain.  He had the face of human but the body of a non-descript nature spirit.  Motionless I remained frozen; our eyes locked on each other.  He soon faded. 


I immediately closed my eyes and returned to the dream.  I am now approaching our final destination.  It is a planet teaming with life.  Most of the life on this planet is formless; a melting pot of intelligent essence.  It is everywhere upon the land and beneath its surface.  This intelligence is iridescent blue and green and extremely vibrant. The entire planet is a glow with this life form.  I can also see humanoid creatures that walk the land.  They tell me of the many wars this planet place has seen.  I soon become aware that I am part of this crew with rights of passage to access this installment.  It is a headquarters of sorts. 

Upon landing we embark upon individual saucers much like individual toilet seats upon which one sits. These saucers fly you through the air.  I am surprised to find out that a saucer is assigned to me.  How did I even learn to fly this tiny saucer thing?  As I am guided to survey the land my memories are returned to me.  I slowly recall the history of this planet.   

Teleportation …. A Night To Remember

TeleportationLast night I had an incredible experience.  I know I always say that but this one was truly incredible and never experienced before.  As I lay in bed mediating I fell into a very deep trance from which I could not get out.  I wasn’t afraid.  I just assumed my body was tired and needed the extra time to revitalize and reconnect to spirit so I immersed myself in the experience.  As I lay there just barely conscious of my surroundings, I suddenly felt an incredible rush of energy that lifted my body up from my chest with tremendous force and great speed.  My head and arms were drawn back by the forward motion.  


Still unable to come to and unable to see, I wondered if the entities who bless my night were taking advantage of me in my present state to probe me. I could swear my physical body was literally floating above my bed suspended in mid-air because I could distinctly feel the change in body posture yet my body was not responsive.  My body was asleep yet my consciousness was fully awake and very much attached to my body.  I was having an out of body experience where I was literally dragging my physical body behind me. In the distance I could clearly hear my roommate.  I was sure he would be coming into my room at any moment and would see me hanging there suspended in mid-air like Linda Blair.  I hung there in space with my arms dangling and my head drawn back for about 15 minutes.  My roommate never came into the room.  I felt another force of energy move my body forwared yet again to an even higher level at tremendous speed.  I then began hearing other voices which I could not understand.  In truth, I felt I knew the language but the words were somehow not registering.  I felt my memories were being intentionally blocked and erased the moment I heard them.  


After a few minutes, my body returned to my bed as quickly as it was taken up.  Upon impact I immediately opened my eyes. I remained calm.  In front of me above my navel was suspended a mechanical ethereal arm; a dimensional portal of sorts that had been used to probe and observe me.  The opening was a vibratory luminescent green rectangular connected to a green wormhole which extending into space.  Within the green rectangle was a golden pyramid.  I could see into the other dimension through the opening.   Within the pyramid was contained a cosmos of information; all sorts of information and knowledge was contained therein. Through the pyramid I could see everything at once simultaneously, so profound was the experience that I can’t not even begin to describe it, yet not in a spiritual sense it was profound in the shere exchange of information.   The probe swivelled around a bit and finally came to rest on my bed on my right side. It’s substance slowly dissipated leaving behind a collage of luminescent gossamer strands.  I rolled over on my side and hugged the stands drawing them and my covers toward me.  I then fell asleep.

The 7th Seal and the Seeds of Enlightenment

SignetI had an incredible lucid dream where I am trying to achieve and master all the things I’ve always wanted to master.  I am recreating all the situations that will bring me the experiences I have wanted to defy.  I want to reveal all the things that have been hidden from me.  In this one dream scene, I am in my house which has a security system which keeps all things contained in their order.  Unknown to everyone else, there are hidden treasures stored in the walls of the house where no one would suspect.  I defy the security system bypassing it in such a way that I am able to gain access within the walls of the house.  Within the walls, they have hidden hallucinogenic substances to confuse and distort perception.  These treasures are a double edged sword.  On the one hand they keep those who might make it past the security system within a distorted perception of the truth yet on the other hand they possess the keys to enlightenment. 


There is a beast who oversees all operations within the walls.  I challenge him at every step of the way learning more and more about his secret world and how it works.  I pursue him relentlessly with supreme conviction and determination of mind. 


I was so much in awe at the experience that at one point I had to get up and pee. Worried that I would not be able to come back to this golden opportunity to experience truth, I held my bladder and remained in my bed to carry out the dream to its finale. 


Back in the dream, I come upon a door where a light shines forth underneath the door.  I bend over slightly to examine the source of the light.  From out of nowhere appears a penny on the floor.  Wow, synchronicity in the dream, I knew I was on the right track to discovering something very profound and the dream had just confirmed this by manifesting a penny. 


Now beside my Self with excitement in materializing a penny within the dream, I look around to carefully examine my surroundings.  This empowers me to press onward.  One illusion after another I am able to defy.  Finally there is only one last thing left for me to defy and that is the fear of being formless; to see myself as I really am.  I want to experience the void and conquer the fear of death.  I pursue the beast and corner him in front of a mirror.  He struggles to keep me from looking at my Self in the mirror.  I somehow know that if I can corner the beast and place him in front of me while standing in front of the mirror I will be able to see and know my own truth.  I tear the cloths off the beast pinning him in between me and the mirror.  In a moment of utter clarity, I am finally able to see myself as pure invisible void draped in the clothing of the beast.  I can also see the beast between me and the mirror completely naked.  His image is distorted and ugly yet I recognize that I AM the beast. 


The image of the beast melts away and in its place appears a second coin; a very large gold coin.  My alarm sounds “bad timing,” I think to myself.  I reach over without leaving the dream to hit the off button on my alarm.  I am amazed at my ability to be fully awake and at the same time fully within the dream.  As I marvel at my awareness and this radiant gold coin which I hold in the palm of my hand, an inscription appears on the coin.  It has inscribed on it “7H”  I can see the inscription very clearly but I am confused as to its meaning.  As I lay there holding the coin, a profound awareness comes over me.  I have broken the 7th Seal. 


Knowing I only had a few minutes remaining before I needed to get up I didn’t want to leave this state of consciousness.  I had this dream while attending the 2008 IASD conference in Montreal.  I was sharing a room with David L. Kahn.  I could hear him in the shower.   Determined to see this dream through I pressed on wanting to understand the significance of the signet. 


It suddenly occurred to me, “Tear down the walls!”  I quickly began tearing down the walls of the house like ripping wallpaper off a wall.  Underneath the wallpaper I could see screening rooms.  Alien civilizations were hidden in the walls of the house.  The aliens had left me two shipments within the walls for me to find at this particular time history.  These shipments contain the seeds of enlightenment stored in small packets that have a very pungent odor.  Some of the packets have seeds and others have worms.  The worms hold the secrets to the seeds of life.   The seeds need the worms to survive and grow yet they are contained separately in their chloroform baggies. 


The experience was so real I could swear aliens had arrived and announced themselves on Earth this morning.  I could see them arriving at their welcome centers.  Panic could be heard throughout the world. 


I try to get the message out that there is nothing to fear.  Then a pink cockatoo bird comes and begins eating the seeds from the packets before I have a chance to plant them in the ground along with the worms. 


I now have to pursue the bird. Without thinking I immediately take flight.  I can feel my wings flapping against my back carrying me to soar above the clouds in pursuit of the bird.  As I look down at the ground below me I am in total and utter awe.  I am flying!  I am a bird! 


It was total bliss.  Unable to breath I heard myself gasp for air.  I sat up in bed.  David was sitting at the edge of his bed meditating.  I immediately began sharing with him what I had just experienced.  Wow that was phenomenal!!! 


I remember thinking, Wow, we go through life asleep and unaware of the truth.  I was also struck by the word Chloroform.  I had never used the word before and I had no clue what the word meant.  I assumed it was a variation on the word Chlorophyll which I know to be the green pigment in plants so I decided to look the word up.  Coincidentally, I found the following:


The major use of chloroform today is in the production of the refrigerant R-22, commonly used in the air conditioning business. However, as the Montreal Protocol takes effect, this use can be expected to decline as R-22 is replaced by refrigerants that are less liable to result in ozone depletion. In addition, it is used under research conditions to anesthetize mosquitoes for experiments, most frequently for the study of malaria. In film and television, it is sometimes used in a fictional manner to knock out an unsuspecting victim, leaving no trace.

Chloroform was developed in the mid-1800s and was mainly used as an anesthetic. Inhaling chloroform vapors depressed the central nervous system of a patient, causing dizziness, fatigue and unconsciousness, allowing a doctor to perform simple surgery or other painful operations.


I found it interesting that Chloroform is used as an anesthetic to dullen the senses.

All I Want To Be Is A Monk

Monk ParakeetI had a dream where I am in an interior room that is enclosed by glass.  It appears that I can see out but nobody can see into the room or it may be that no one is aware of the space I occupy.  I am feeling over looked.  My aunt Helen (my Godmother in real life) wants to be just like me.  Unlike the others, she is aware of the room and comes and stands just outside the closed door.  In honor of the room she genuflects.  In genuflecting she becomes a small parakeet.  I can see her flying in the open space outside the room. 


My friends and family notice that she has changed into a bird.  They believe she should return to being a human.  What they don’t understand or hear is her song.  In her song, I hear her true desire which is to be the bird that she now is.  Even though her plumage may be tattered from a long hard life and her size is insignificant, she is now finally everything she had ever dreamed of being; a bird.  What they don’t understand is that in her insignificance she has accomplished what she has always wanted.  


I shared this dream at the IASD conference in Montreal in my dream group.  In the group a gentleman named Bob suggested the parakeet might be a symbol for a monk because there is such a thing as a Monk Parakeet. After the session I thanked him for his symbol.  He then asked me to call him by the name “Sandman”.  When he said the name Sandman a chills went down my spine as I felt a wave of subtle energy flow through me.  I shared with him what I felt as the synchronicity of my meeting him and my previous dream where I met the Sandman which I titled, “The Jesus Man: A Gateway For Immigrants.”

Well what does that mean for me. I looked up the word Monk and found the following:

A monk (Greek: monachos), derived from Greek monos (alone), in modern parlance also referred to as a monastic, is a person who practices religious asceticism, the conditioning of mind and body in favor of the spirit, and does so living either alone or with any number of like-minded people, whilst always maintaining some degree of physical separation from those not sharing the same purpose. The concept is ancient and can be seen in many religions and in philosophy.

Asceticism (Greek: askēsis) describes a life-style characterized by abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures (especially sexual activity and consumption of alcohol) often with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals. Indian religions (including yoga) teach that salvation and liberation involve a process of mind-body transformation that is effected through practicing restraint with respect to actions of body, speech and mind, whereas Christianity mandates that Jesus does this for them. The founders and earliest practitioners of these religions (e.g. Buddhism, Jainism, the Christian desert fathers) lived extremely austere lifestyles refraining from sensual pleasures and the accumulation of material wealth. This is to be understood not as an eschewal of the enjoyment of life but a recognition that spiritual and religious goals are impeded by such indulgence. Asceticism is closely related to the Christian concept of chastity and might be said to be the technical implementation of the abstract vows of renunciation. Those who practice ascetic lifestyles do not consider their practices as virtuous but pursue such a life-style in order to satisfy certain technical requirements for mind-body transformation. There is remarkable uniformity among the above religions with respect to the benefits of sexual continence. Religions teach that purifying the soul also involves purification of the body which thereby enables connection with the Divine and the cultivation of inner peace. In the popular imagination asceticism is considered a sort of perversion (self-flagellation by birch twigs as the archetypal stereotype of self-mortification) but the askēsis enjoined by religion functions in order to bring about greater freedom in various areas of one’s life, such as freedom from compulsions and temptations bringing about peacefulness of mind with a concomitant increase in clarity and power of thoug

…describes a life-style characterized by abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures (especially sexual activity and consumption of alcohol). Need I say more.

Batman and the Matrix of Illusion

BatmanLast night I had a dream where I am a superhero similar to Batman. My Batcave is a Penthouse atop a great tall building. The Penthouse I occupy is comprised of several of the top floors. There is no direct access to these floors because they are hidden from the general public.  The secret Penthouse is the launch pad from which I initiate all my superhero crusades. Feeling alone in the world, I want to intermix with the population at large so I create a DaySpa where people can come and enjoy power drinks, exercise and be rejuvenated. The decision to open part of my Penthouse to a DaySpa and grant access to the outside world does pose a significant risk to my true identity as a superhero but I am willing to take that risk because the payoff is potentially very high in that I will be able to influence and enlighten millions who will come through the DaySpa and become members. As soon as I open the doors of the DaySpa many come through. The DaySpa also gives the illusion that you are actually in the Penthouse. Yet those who come are unaware that there are other floors of the Penthouse hidden from view. The fact that the true Penthouse is hidden helps take the focus off the building because there are those enemies who would want to limit my superhuman influence.
 There is a secret chamber much like a space capsule the catapults me into the hidden and secured areas of the Penthouse. On this day, I have several men come through who are looking to put an end to my mission. I have to choose an opportune moment to secretly enter the chamber. When the moment is right, I enter the chamber and quickly press the button to close the door behind me. At first the door jams because there is an emergency mechanism to keep the door from closing. I bypass the safety mechanism using the red button and the door quickly closes and rotates the chamber. Inside the self contained chamber are provisions which have been neatly arranged. These are all the things I need for my mission, including insulin to safeguard me against death from low blood sugar. My only weakness, my Kryptonite against my superpowers is my diabetes. Good nutrition is required to maintain a high level of super human powers. This is another reason for the creation of the DaySpa and the powerful drinks offered by the DaySpa to have these things readily available to me in the case of an emergency.
 Rejuvenated now with superhuman powers, I set out on my first crusade. I can see that my adversaries have created a rotunda as an optical illusion to entrap me. There are two aspects to my Self. One aspect always remains in the normal world while the super human side of me can venture into other realms. I am now clued into the illusion that entraps me in the normal world. My first crusade is to free my other Self. My first instinct is to follow through the illusion set up by the adversaries. As I travel down the spiral staircase of the rotunda I find that it leads nowhere it is a closed loop that only gives the illusion of going somewhere. Knowing this truth now I jump over the side rails of the rotunda using my super human flying and jumping abilities arriving at the first level of the rotunda which is under ground. This is where the illusion is being mastermind. I can see my other Self entrapped by the illusion matrix above me. The adversaries are using an invisible force field to contain the imprisoned me.
 Seeing the source of their power of dominance I unplug their master power cord that supplies power to their force field. This completely cripples my opposition.  At the moment I unplug the power I issue the command “RUN”. My imprisoned Self runs free toward the door closest to where he is at. I want to join him through the door where he exits the illusion but I know the distance I would need to travel to join him places me at greater risk should they manage to reenable power. My safest route is a nearby fire exit. I rush through the fire exit door to find on the other side a series of other doors. I pause for a moment not knowing which door to choose. In this moment of reflective thought I become lucid and a thought comes to my mind, “I have been here before.” In this moment of clarity, a ripple runs through the matrix of illusion. I can see the firedoors in front of me sway as the ripple goes through them confirming the illusion. I have been here before and these doors have all served to entrap me in the past. Instead of choosing one of the doors in front of me, I decide to create a portal using my super human psychic abilities. Meditating I create a stargate that appears in the matrix of illusion in front of me. As the stargate opens on the other side I see a small alien creature. I am drawn to him. He is somehow familiar to me. My heart wants to reunite with him. I cross over and embrace him. In the embrace I somehow know I have reunited with my Self.
 The Batman theme in the dream was very strong so I decided to look up Batman on Wikipedia to see if I could glean some insight off the story. Here is what I found.

Batman's EnemiesBatman (originally referred to as the Bat-Man and still referred to at times as the Batman) is a fictional comic book superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger (although only Kane receives official credit) and published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the murder of his parents as a child leads him to train himself to physical and intellectual perfection and don a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime. Batman operates in the fictional Gotham City, assisted by various supporting characters including his sidekick Robin and his butler Alfred Pennyworth, and fights an assortment of villains influenced by the characters’ roots in film and pulp magazines. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime.
 In his secret identity, Batman is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire businessman who lives in Gotham City. To the world at large, Bruce Wayne is often seen as an irresponsible, superficial playboy who lives off his family’s personal fortune (amassed when Bruce’s family invested in Gotham real estate before the city was a bustling metropolis) and the profits of Wayne Enterprises, a major private technology firm that he inherits. However, Wayne is also known for his contributions to charity, notably through his Wayne Foundation charity. Bruce creates the playboy public persona to aid in throwing off suspicion of his secret identity, often acting dim-witted and self-absorbed to further the act.
 Unlike many superheroes, Batman has no superpowers and instead relies on “his own scientific knowledge, detective skills, and athletic prowess.” Batman is physically at the peak of human ability in dozens of areas, notably martial arts, acrobatics, strength, and escape artistry. Intellectually, he is just as peerless; Batman is one of the world’s greatest scientists, engineers, criminologists, and tacticians, as well as a master of disguise, often gathering information under the identity of Matches Malone. He is regarded as one of the DC Universe’s greatest detectives. Rather than simply outfighting his opponents, Batman often uses cunning and planning to outwit them. In Grant Morrison’s first storyline in JLA, Superman describes Batman as “the most dangerous man on Earth,” able to defeat a team of superpowered aliens all by himself in order to rescue his imprisoned teammates.
 Batman faces a variety of foes ranging from common criminals to outlandish supervillains. Many Batman villains mirror aspects of the hero’s character and development, often having tragic origin stories that lead them to a life of crime. Batman’s “most implacable foe” is the Joker, a clown like criminal who as a “personification of the irrational” represents “everything Batman [opposes].” Other recurring antagonists include Catwoman, the Penguin, Two-Face, the Riddler, Scarecrow, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Bane, among many others.