Naples A Place of Clandestine Love

NaplesLast night I had a dream where I am at what feels like a university campus.  There is a shop on campus much like a Brookstone Store with many beautiful nature related gifts one can buy.  There is an item that I’m fascinated with but it is almost 10 o’clock and my class is about to start.  Fearing I don’t have enough time to make the purchase before class I decide to leave the shop with the intention of returning later. 


On the way out I meet a guy.  He is someone I’ve been in love with for a long time but have not seen in ages.  He leads me off toward the edge of a wooded grove where we sit on the grass.  It is a quiet place where we can embrace each other and not be readily seen.  All he is wearing are his boxer shorts which allow me to peak into his jock. 


As we are fondling each other a police car traveling down the nearby road makes a turn toward us.  The head lights of the car catch our attention and we quickly get up to compose ourselves and begin walking deeper into the woods.  Forgetting completely about the time we continue our hike through the woods. 


We find a second resting place where we stop.  From his back pack he pulls out a mirror.  It is a magic mirror of sorts.  He tells me to look into the mirror and to see the place to which he is taking me.  As I look into the mirror I have a rush of euphoria come over my entire body.  I can vividly see we are atop a high clandestine mountain.  The beauty and vividness of the images within the mirror are stupendous.  This place is breathtaking.  It is a place where I have longed to be. 


He instructs me to move the mirror so as to pan the landscape.  The mirror is very sensitive to my movement.  As I pan the landscape, I can see that not far from this clandestine location are small towns where people live.  “This is somewhere I could live,” I think to myself.  I then see a large monument.  I ask him, “Is this Napa?”  He responds, “No this is Naples.”

A Cause de St. Pierre, Une Nouvelle Voie

Last night I had a dream. This dream had a very cosmic ring to it. You could almost hear the chimes in the background. I am to meet with my life coach about my assignment on Earth. I arrive early for our meeting at his office but he is not present yet. On his desk I see my file with my name clearly written on it. As I sit down I reach over to take a peek at the contents of the file. The entire file is in French. At this moment the thoughts in my head shift to French. They are slow in coming. I feel awkward and very uneasy. I can no longer think in English. I realize I will be expected to conduct the rest of my life in French.

My coach then walks in the door. He welcomes me in French and begins a long series of instructions all in French regarding my next assignment. As if he can read my mind he acknowledges my awareness of the contents of my file, my new assignment and my unease. He says this entails a major shift in my life but one that he is confident I will easily readjust to. I am feeling totally unprepared and unable to express myself.