The Homeless Insect of Change

December 20, 2023

In last night’s dream, I am visited by a homeless man. At first when I woke up, I didn’t remember very much about the dream. It wasn’t until I sat down to record it that more details came flooding in. Looking at it now, it is chalked full of layers of meaning. This homeless man shows up at my house and for some reason, I allow him in just to talk to him and see what he is about maybe just a desire to satisfy my curiosity. I am worried the man, being homeless, might steal something from me. I am somewhat apprehensive of his intentions. I had built a cage to house my animals, since the cage is big enough to accommodate a human, I decide to house the man in there while I’m not home. This is an attempt to safeguard my possessions from the homeless man.

The first day I put him in the cage and when I return in the evening he is no longer in the cage. He managed to free himself. I knew the cage would not be enough to contain him and he would figure out how to escape. He seems to have abilities far beyond what I am able to comprehend. I don’t have the ability to measure his aptitude for being creative in his solutions. There is so much I don’t know about him. I seem to focus on my fears and negative aspects of what might happen and how he might harm me and if he has ill will or has nefarious intentions, how would I protect myself?

I decide to put a more advanced technological lock on the cage. But as I examine the new lock, I come to the conclusion that he will be able to surpass this lock as well. I decide then to simply trust him. At this point, he opens up to me and he shows me all the money he has in his possession. I want to know how in the world has he managed to acquire all this money and why he still presents as a homeless person. I ask him bluntly if he is stealing to which he confides in me saying he is not from this world and his abilities are beyond this world. This is how he manages to maintain an edge. What he wants and needs simply comes to him. I think to myself, maybe this would be a good relationship to nurture, maybe I can learn from him. But then on the flip side I think to myself, what if my benefiting from the rules and methods he lives by would be viewed as unfair or illegal in my world. I decide to keep him close after all he is living with me. I decide to allow him more space and freedom in my house because obviously he is not going to steal from me because he doesn’t need anything I have that he cannot acquire on his own.

As my trust in him increases he too confines in me telling me more about where he comes from. He tells me about missions his people are making. He tells me there is a scheduled event that will happen. When the event does happen, I already have a well-established house. The perimeter of my house is well fortified and reinforced. At the time of the event a lot more people like him appear in society, in neighborhoods all around the world. They come in unnoticed. The are to us like insects. We are so oblivious to them. We don’t care about them. Just like the homeless we see them but don’t care about them we simply dismiss them. The world is now full of these homeless people who appear like as insects to us. We disregard them.

These homeless people their vibration is rising. Their wings fluttering and many legs walking fast and moving about create a vibrational tone. Their collective vibration affects our environment. Even though we dismiss them, their effect on us is more profound. We simply don’t have the consciousness to pick up on the change. I can see it happening all around me outside of my house. It is destroying the fabric of our society. It is tearing down the walls we erect to protect ourselves.

It turns out he is my personal little insect. And by me allowing him into my world and allowing his vibration to affect me he has opened up my awareness. What I see and perceive is the devastation of humanity as we know it, our understanding of what we hold true, all we accept as reality crumbles.

I see him coming toward my property. Everything around me has come crashing down. My fortified house is the only thing standing because of the time I spent fixing things and making repairs. All the time I spent with him; I have managed to build up my house.

He now sits on the perimeter of my property and begins to tear down my walls. At this point, I want to preserve what I have. I decide my only choice is to confront him since I have built a relationship with him, I feel I have a place on which to stand. I want him to look me in the eye before he devores my house. I want to know why he is doing this. After all he has been living with me. I decide this is no time to fear. This is a time when I must merge with his influence. Merge in the sense that I must face him off be changed by him or have him see what my effect is on him. We must come to a compromise on the Yin/Yang. We must find the balance in nature, Humans/Insects/Trees/Animals where is our balance.

I go and deliberately sit on the wall. We are face to face. I can now see the affect I have on him. My effect comes in a different form than his. My effect is through trust, openness, willingness, surrender, all those things I’ve had to do to welcome him to make space in my house. Freedom to be. Willingness to look at life differently and grow in my awareness. I am able to maintain my sense of self awareness and yet also my collective awareness of everything else in space and time. Everything that is happening around me I can see. The whole of what is self with its boundaries and everything outside of me is a collection of others who also have their own boundaries, homes insects and nature.

Now face to face with him, I am allowed to go beyond myself. I am allowed to walk into the neighborhoods outside of myself. I see metro stations, stores, homes I can see all the devastation and transformation that has happened. I see in some places there are police who are an authoritative entity on patrol who are responsible for order but not order as I was taught to see it. It is order unknown to me from my perspective. It is order beyond my comprehension. Those two orders are coming into oneness but they still have another phase of merging of understanding. As the mass of this transformative state, this collective vibration is nearing its climax, there is a moment of complete stillness when everything stops. It’s the point of contact. I stand still wondering what happens next. The insects have not stopped only the people.

There comes a moment when I need to decide am I among the stopped or am I still able to move. I have to look at myself. For a little bit I hold still to see what is about to happen. I observe. I allow myself a moment to be still and maybe be unnoticed. I think to myself, if I still have the ability to move then I should be true to myself and move. If I choose to stand still, then it is a choice to stand still. I therefore move and walk toward a line of patrol people. They are standing on an upper deck. I think there is some change happening to them as well. We are interconnected. They are experiencing this for the first time also. This is now a choice for them on how they should respond to my movement. One of the patrol people waves at me directing me to come closer. I walk toward him but instead of going up the stairs I rotate myself a full circle clockwise. This is my response to his request and direction to come close. I come full circle.

I don’t know what happens after this. I believe I woke up or the dream ended.

I’m including a link to the original recording of the dream since i want to preserve the original version.