Apply Life's Lessons to Practical Questions

MathematicsIn this dream I am taking several courses in preparation for my Ph.D.  One of these courses is an advanced math class dealing with complex shapes and patterns.  I’m told I need to prepare for an exam.  I don’t even remember having attended any of the classes.  I’m told I already know the material covered and if I was to just look at the questions I would be able to answer them with the knowledge I already have.  I sit down looking for a way out because I don’t believe I am prepared for this.  I’m thinking of ways I might cheat.  After looking at the questions they are questions that are more life based than theory based.  I realize that all I have to do is apply life experience to the questions to answer them effectively.  There are others in my class.  I want to get the best grade possible but I don’t seem to have patience enough to sit through the exam and call up my experience.  It requires a slow methodical approach.

A Lesson in Shifting Realities

PeyoteIn this dream I am witness to my own processes.  This person who I am watching (me) is an expert at entering and exiting shifting realities.  I watch him as he enters and embodies the physical realm.  He works as a team many of who stay behind in the other dimension to monitor his progress.  They then go in and try to find him to recover his soul.  His soul is encapsulated in a copper bar. The copper bar is not on him but is within the system he entered. In this one instance, he enters into another reality and becomes a red head boy.  I watch the process as the others then go in to try to locate the boy and recover his soul.  Each time they are successful.  He knows his work well.  I seem to have all knowledge they share as though I am in their mind.  Wanting to insert myself in one of these reality shifts I position my observer self where the next reality shift is to occur.  As if programmed, I carry out the instructions.  I am hiding in a closet as the shift begins to occur.  I descend into this new reality not knowing what to expect.  I am immediately discovered by those present.  I think I was expecting to be invisible to them but I wasn’t.  There are more people keyed in to the truth than I had originally expected.  They know why I’m here.  I am in someone’s bedroom where I decide to change something in this new reality.  I decide to open a window.  I’m worried that the change I made might be too obvious but I’m reassured that the change I made is acceptable.  I then get a phone call.  It is the phone call that determines where I am in the system.  They then recover my copper bar containing my soul.  I’m amazed at how all the events are orchestrated with such precision.  

Sticky Scissorhands

ScissorhandsI had a dream in which there were a group of sticky people who would stick to you and assimilate you.   Their sticky nature was seen as a sexual act.  If they stick to you, you in essence become them and you look to stick to others to spread your new cohesive nature.  I was now one of them helping spread their intentions.  They are cunning and have scissor hands with which to protect themselves.  In the middle of this dream I awoke and there above my bed was floating the image of a man wearing a cowboy hat.  From his right pupil I could see a red beam of light as if he had locked onto me as he would a target.  He is the one who placed this dream in my mind.  

My First Book Talk

Emanuel For LoveThis past weekend I gave my first talk on my book which was held at the Martin Luther King Library in downtown DC.  It was organized by Sheila Cash who is the organizer for the DC Metro Metaphysics and Enlightenment Group.  The talk lasted for about an hour and 20 min and about 30 people were in attendance.  The talk was well received with great feedback.  I didn’t prepare much in advance I simply allowed the talk to flow naturally.  I was very relaxed.  All in all it was a great experience.  I even sold a few books and made a few new friends.


Your talk was extraordinary! You are an incredible speaker……..sincere, humble, interesting and engaging! Thanx so much!
Love, Sheila