Yellow Bellied Spider

November 4, 2023

In last night’s dream I am confronted with a yellow spider with a big belly. It shoots water from its abdomen instead of silk.  There is an infestation of these spiders at Joe’s house. I am worried he might bring his infestation to my house. I’m aware the infestation can quickly spread.  He holds the spider with its belly pointing at me and squeezes it forcing it the spider to spray water in my direction. The spray is so profound it soaks me completely.  I want him to kill the spider to stop its spread, so it won’t infect my house. After infection it causes humans to become like the spider whereby the humans infected by it also spray water from any all orifices.

I need to travel by train to NYC.  I can’t remember how exactly to get there or how to buy a metro pass.  I remember going there once when I stayed at a friend’s house.  I am worried I may not be able to find my way around and I’m thinking I should turn around and go back to DC. I look up at the sky above the train platform and see a sky filled with stars and objects I do not recognize. The sky looks quite beautiful.    There is a kiosk on the platform with slips of paper I believe it dispenses directions or fares for the train.  It dispenses a ticket for me with the number 3075 on it.  I’m not sure what you are supposed to do with it.  I scramble to scan it with my phone, but my time expires and the display clears.  It then dispenses several more tickets with musical notes on them.  Each time thereafter it all the tickets dispenses are simply musical notes. 

I go to a girls house a friend of mine who lives with several women.  They have so many cosmetics I can barely walk through her living room.  One of her roommates is moving out. She is the main renter but she herself does not have any furniture so when her roommate leaves, the house is left empty with just a few things simple items. She offers me to spend the night.  The bathroom has a nature room in it that serves as a window.  I feel the window could be a perfect place to have an aviary.   I decide not to spend the night with her since she really has no furniture on which to sleep on. I tell him not to worry I now remember where I live. It this moment her other roommates arrive. She apparently has many roommates. Her friends are beautiful young vibrant women.