Oliver’s Seagulls

In the dream I see my son Oliver who is running and playing on the beach. On his back are tethered to him a flock of seagulls.

This dream happened a few days ago and I didn’t have time journal it even though it was so short I knew it answered a very profound question. One that relates to the embryos I’m donating. I can’t help but feel what if one of the embryo’s I’m donating was meant to be with me. I obviously can’t keep and bring to birth all of them but if there was a way to have at least one more which would it be? A second question is whether Oliver was the right one and only one for me. I mean I chose a boy over a girl. He was the best scored embryo of the bunch. Should I have chosen the runt being that I like helping the underdog. Butters was the runt in the pack. Seeing Oliver in the dream with the seagulls I feel answered both questions. Oliver is on land with me happy and content. The others who flown in on his back were meant to be set free to fly like seagulls.

White Chocolate Dove

This dream requires a bit of background. It seems this dream is trying to answer an overarching question. One I maybe submitted a long time ago but wasn’t ready to receive until now. The question is one where I wonder who had my phone number previous to me. I muse about ever meeting this person or knowing anything about him or her. That aside the dream unfolds like this:

I am trying to get to a department store. I am looking to purchase some men’s clothing. To get to the department store I need to scale a tall wall. Luckily the wall is covered in carpeting giving me something to grab on to clawing my way to the top. There are two men scaling the wall close behind me. I’m the first one at the top. From this vantage point I am able to see into the store. I notice they are redesigning the men’s department. They brought in new upscale furniture and lounge chairs. They are no longer selling men’s clothing but instead are selling tiny international flags with tiny chocolates that correspond to the flag of that country much like Godiva, Ghiradelli or Lindt. I’m upset as it seems senseless and without utility to have such a thing given both the flags and chocolates are so tiny.

In my agitated dissatisfaction, I accidentally tip over a ceramic white dove which sits next to me on the wall. The dove falls into a deep crack in the wall. All you hear when it reaches the bottom is the shattering of the dove. There is a sense of momentary loss for the death of the dove. Plus what they have here is simply useless even though I do acknowledge I’ve not yet tasted the chocolates. I think to myself these chocolates better be awfully good to justify their size.

Now the dove returns as a white plane a glider of sorts but the new designers have decided to clip the wings of the glider. Again I’m angered they have decided to limit the utility of the glider. I think it is such a waste. The dove to be free to soar.

I decide to leave but notice I am carrying a scarf. I look around for a sales attendant to give them the scarf to return to the shelf. The attendant takes it and quickly puts it down. Again I’m angered they place so little care in the scarf. I think they are disrespectful of what came before them. The scarf must be from the old inventory of the department store for them to simply disregard it.

Now I continue toward the door and notice they are having a raffle to promote the new store design. Raffle tickets are at every counter. My cell phone rings with a person announcing I have won the raffle. I look at the winning raffle ticket which is on microfiche since it is a very old ticket. The microfiche clearly shows my cell phone number. I suddenly understand. This dream has a purpose to answer the overarching question I had posed long ago. I now have this persons cell phone number. This person who entered the raffle centuries ago. This raffle ticket has the original registrant information.

I continue toward the door to exit and outside it is pouring down rain. I forgot to bring my umbrella.