Bill's Boards – A Convertible Meant For Two

ConvertibleI am in high school.  It is morning and the sun is shining.  I am walking to school and am caught by a series of humorously ironic billboards.  As I continue down the street I am joined by a female friend who is on her way to school.  My preference is to be alone and I am somewhat disturbed that she has invaded my solitude.

As we cross the street we pass by a vintage Chevrolet convertible.  In the driver seat is a very attractive sun baked man.  He is sitting in his car completely naked stroking himself.  The heat of the day has made his skin very glossy.  My impression is that he is trying to pick up on guys passing by. Other cars can’t see that he is naked.  It would be my luck that I am accompanied and can’t stop to inquire about him.  An opportunity missed I’m thinking to myself.

As we enter the school building it occurs to me that he could be arrested for indecent exposure.  I decide to tell security but I want to do it anonymously so that the driver of the car can not find out who told on him.  I think I’m probably far enough past him that I can tell security without him knowing I told and simply have them appear as though they found out on their own.  As I pass by the school’s security officer, I whisper to him and point to the convertible across the street.  As soon as I do an overwhelming feeling over comes me as if I did the wrong thing and will now surely incur the wrath.

I look around and see a winding stair case leading to the annex building.  I quickly set off up the stairs.  As they wind back around a bright light shines through the window blinding my sight.  As the stair case wraps around the light follows me no matter where I go.

He has found out I told on him.  They are his headlights shining in my eyes.  The light is so bright that I become lucid.  As I awake from within the dream, I can see the man.  We seem to be standing in the annex of the dream as if the dream paused.  He is a handsome man with soft blond hair and a gentle gaze. He is now wearing a pale blue robe.  He looks at me and asks me to explain the billboards.  Why did I find them humorous?  Thinking this is not the wrath I expected to incur and knowing it is my moment to bring back something from this lucid state, I pause for a moment to look at the billboards a second time.  Knowing a test to do in a lucid state is to see if words make sense.  I can clearly see the words.  It is common English.  As I read them a second time they don’t seem to conjure up the humor they initially had.  I’m surprised the words actually make sense they just don’t happen to be humorous anymore.  I tell him although the words make sense this is not what I understood them to be.