Treasure’s Well

April 28, 2023

Last night’s dream was very vivid, and I felt its message was something I needed to hang on to. In the dream, I am near a large cenote. I can clearly see its circular shape. The eye of the cenote is deep dark and black at its core. I somehow know the treasure is buried there at the deepest point in the center. My sister Grace stands at the edge of the cenote at some distance to where I am viewing the dream. We are both aware of the existence of the treasure, but I know she being closest to it, will be reluctant to descend to its depths to retrieve it on her own. She is fearful and doubts her ability. I think she also doesn’t want to get wet and probably doesn’t know how to swim. I somehow know I hid the treasure here. Its mine to reclaim but I have to go there and retrieve it myself.