Deed of Trust

November 14, 2021

This dream needs a bit of background context to understand some of it’s meaning. I have a son which i had through surrogacy in real life. I ended up with unused embryos after having him. I’ve since donated to two separate families. The two mammas just so happened to cycle at the exact same time so it just so happened their embryos were implanted 30 minutes apart at the same fertility clinic on the same day. One of the two embryos came to visit with me in the dream last night. It is the family from Maryland which is here local to where I live. I feel their presence yet they were not actually in the dream. Instead the dream placed the child in the care of a local family I knew in DC some years back.

While visiting with the family and the child, I quickly recognize I am in a dream because I have not seen this family in a very very long time. I am thrilled to see and commune with my biological child for the first time. I stay as long as possible probably too long because I am now having trouble distinguishing this reality from what I remember of my waking state. I struggle without success to wake up. The dream is continuing for a long time. I am worried my dog will not have anyone to take him out to pee.

Their apartment number is 400 and is located in a very large complex with elevators. Since the dream doesn’t seem to want to end I don’t want to over stay my visit so I get ready to leave. I must have stayed all night because they too are getting ready to start their work day and go about their business. I continue to try to awaken from the dream but am unable to do so.

I decide to leave their apartment unit and head down the elevator. While in the elevator, I realize I mistakenly picked up the wrong wallet. Looking inside the wallet I can tell the identification card is not a DC license instead it is black and white. This can’t possibly be my license and I do not want to be seen as a pick pocket. I need to return to the unit to recover my wallet. A security guard is nearby and offers to walk back with me. I am doubtful I alone can find my way back to apartment #400. While walking she is called to an emergency and is now unable to escort me the remainder of the distance.

Now on my own. I turn corners not knowing where I am going wishing I could simply wake up. I wonder if my earthly life has ended as this reality seems just as real to me. I turn one corner down a hallway where the child stands at the end of the corridor in the distance. The child is now a youth in its teen years. I am told it is time for First Communion (an apparent reference to Christianity).

I am awestruck seeing the child in its youth wearing a white flowing robe with subtle specks of rainbow 🌈 colors. I feel this is an affirmation of the love for gay culture I’ve passed down to the child. The child seems to know my search for my identity and hands me a certificate. It is a Deed of Trust. I look carefully at the red seal affixed to the certificate. I’m instructed to open it which I do breaking the seal to expose the signatures. I am somewhat shocked with the authenticity of the document. The shock wakes me up. I gasp for air as my awareness places me in my bedroom with Oliver by my side.

No I don’t have a dog but I do have a diaper to change.