Time Stands Still for the Wooden Buffalo

October 7, 2023

Dream is about the 4 distinct groups of bison or buffalo. I see them paused in time. I can see them through a window or door. A man has a large camera much like the ones used in movie production, but it is still small enough to carry around about the size of a briefcase. The camera has a small mirror inside it that refracts the light. I study the camera carefully. There is something about the way it refracts light that pauses time. I want to figure it out and understand how it is done.

There is a sliding door much like a boxcar on a freight train. I open the door to look outside. I feel it may reveal a clue on where I am. I close it and immediately start flying. I am looking for Oliver. I feel I am gliding through a long hallway. I can see a shadow of someone in front of me and one behind me. I then see Oliver through the window. He is outside with the Bison and Buffalo. He appears to be helping me solve the riddle. Unlike the bison he is not frozen in time. He tells me there is nothing to worry about don’t be afraid because the buffalo are wooden. He proceeds to show me how their legs are made of wood.

There is a woman who is illuminated by a deep crimson red light. She is speaking to me in sign language. I study the motion of her hands to discern what she might be trying to tell me. She is also speaking with her mouth, but I can’t hear her. Her hand signs I watch closely but I am unable to recognize anything I recognize. I worry I am not understanding her. She seems to be reassuring me I understand. I am determined to figure out all these mysteries. I believe they wouldn’t be happening to me if they were not meant to be understood.